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Accountancy Student Stories:
Student Stories: Zoe | AAT Level 2 and Level 3 in Accounting

Zoe Haggis

AAT Level 2 and 3

My journey with ICS Learn began in September 2020.

My current job role is as a Health and Wellbeing Assistant within a care company providing support to social housing tenants in Glasgow. I landed in this post after completing my degree, and then my masters, in psychology and child development.

I have been looking at a change in career for a while as I am looking for a field that allows me to be more flexible and that I can progress well. The AAT Level 2 and AAT Level 3  qualifications allows me that opportunity.

Knowing that I can progress into a finance role and continue to study alongside is fantastic. ICS Learn gives me all the materials I need to complete each level and has great support from the staff and tutors.

There are a lot of training providers out there and well as being able to self-study, but I like having the support of a company and ICS Learn has been the right choice for me.

I was concerned about online learning as it suggests a lot of self-discipline but having studied previously, I knew I would be able to push through and the tutors are there if you need them.

The course has a great layout and I enjoy using the online portal. It does take a few days to get used to it and remember where things are, but it is so easy and great for going back to previous topics if you need a refresher.

There are a lot of quizzes and progress checks integrated which is good for checking that you have retained the knowledge and progressing well.

This qualification will open new doors for me, into a new field of work and I am hoping in the future to open my own business with the tools and knowledge I have gained.

I would recommend ICS Learn to anyone as they have given me the opportunity to regain my confidence in my own abilities and give me back a work/life balance that I felt I had lost.

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