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Student Stories: Andrew Douglas | AAT Level 2 Review

After missing out on college, Andrew decided to study an AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting online and was blown away by the experience. Here's how he got on.

I am currently employed as an administrator. I already completed a Level 1 AAT. I have a knack for maths and IT and enjoy working with numbers and the finance side of businesses.

I am looking to progress to a Level 4 when the time is right or even start looking into becoming an accountant, so I looked for courses to advance my Level 1 to a 2 or a 3.

I just missed out a window to take the course in my local college (however it was only Level 2).

Looking around online, I found ICS Learn, which bundled both a Level 2 and Level 3 qualification together, with a price near enough to what I would have paid for just a Level 2 at college!

I have really enjoyed the course so far and love the one-to-one style support given to me by my tutor who always has a fast response time.

While doing my course I have applied for AAT roles and have had several interviews and one offer, currently with a firm close to home.

I had some concerns about learning online but once I became a student and had access to all the tools and past papers and resources, I feel like I have more than enough content to learn and apply the learning too. 

Overall, I am more than happy with ICS Learn and the course they have provided me. I was able to split the cost over time in easy affordable instalments.

I would recommend anyone looking to learn comfortably in their own home, courses are not time limited so everything is in your pace, it's just perfect as if you're struggling you have past papers to look at, a tutor to speak to, and everything is repeatable. What more can you ask for!

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