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ICS Learn Case Study: Readie Construction Limited | Online AAT Courses

Through studying an online AAT course with us, Joe Staggs brought new knowledge to his workplace to confidently take on more responsibilities.


My name is Joe Staggs, I work for Readie Construction Limited and I am an Accounts Assistant.

Before I started my ICS Learn journey, my previous job was completely different to what I’m doing now. Previously, I was in the hospitality industry I always knew a career change was on the cards.

Studying an online AAT course through ICS Learn gave me the freedom to study at my own pace, while still having as much support as I needed.

I started with Level 2 AAT studying in my free time, lunch-breaks at work, evenings and weekends. I am now part way through AAT Level 3.

I have found that studying online has been very beneficial as there’s no place where I can’t have a quick read or a quick practice test.

My tutor is always there to answer many of my headache questions! My favourite phrase to use is always “Could you explain this to me but dumb it down a bit?” and each time my tutor has always made it make sense!

The variety of resources from my Kaplan books, the online tutorials, practice questions on the ICS Learn website and access to AAT website gives me a wide range of information at my fingertips.

My studies have helped me in my career progression at Readie as I started off as an Accounts Administrator. I continually asked questions and used my knowledge to input in any which way I could.

Clearly my willing to learn more and continually ask “But why?” has paid off and in little under a year I was promoted to an Accounts Assistant. I am very fortunate in that, where possible, I can take on new tasks so that I am able to put into practice what I’m currently learning.

I would say that my study has benefitted Readie as they have gained an employee who is constantly looking for a new challenge and I am able to take on tasks that would have daunted me previously.

I have become more involved with different aspects of the accounts, which helps spread the workload out.

I would definitely recommend ICS Learn to anyone looking to study, anybody who loves to learn something new, and anybody who just wants better themselves.

There was a point where my career looked as if it only had one path. Now, thanks to ICS Learn and AAT, I’m heading towards spaghetti junction and I’m the one who gets to choose which way my career goes!

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