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AAT Student Stories: Stephen Cockroft | AAT Level 2 Review

Stephen wanted to study a PGCE and decided to study an AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting to advance his career. 

Currently, I am working as a student services advisor at my local college.

 I chose to do my course with ICS Learn as a friend recommended the company.  

When I spoke to an advisor I was greatly satisfied. At the time, I had been panicking as the Education department quite suddenly announced that there would be no exams taken this year.

 When I contacted the examination body, ICS Learn was one of the organisations listed in its recommendations.

 ICS Learn’s advisor completely understood my situation and answered the queries I had, since the course fee and study plan were suitable to my family and work routine, I registered for the course straight away.

Initially, I did have some reservations as I was quite sceptical about online tutoring and tests. Even though I had attended online meetings via Zoom and Teams, I wondered how tests and exams would be conducted. Moreover, in previous studies I was used to doing group study work and sharing knowledge for better understanding. I wondered how I would be able to share my work with my peers.

But as soon as I logged onto my learning platform, all my reservations diminished because my tutor not only explained the lesson in detail but answered all my queries. I was also able to share my thoughts and work with colleagues and ask/assist where required. My confidence improved in each lesson I attended.

The course was broken down in parts that I could easily access on my laptop as many times as I wished. The video attachments, tests and feedback were always beneficial and my tutor always sent links of resources for extra practice.

 During the lockdown period because I was working from home my working times greatly differed from the normal period and extended to late evening and so I practiced my learning quite late in the night. I remember whenever I sent a question to my personal tutor, she kindly gave a swift response and where she would be delayed she kindly informed me. She would always encourage me to do well in my efforts.

I intend to do a PGCE in Maths. Now that I have achieved the grade required, I will be applying to providers to continue a route into teacher training.

I would definitely be recommending ICS Learn as I have received an abundance of resources and beneficial feedback by my tutors. The support extended to me made it easier for me to achieve my target and so be step closer to achieving my ultimate goal.

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