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Accountancy Student Stories:
AAT Student Stories: Shumaila Mahmood | AAT Level 2 Review

Shumaila Mahmood

AAT Level 2

Shumaila always wanted to start a career in accounting, and after taking on an AAT Level 2 Foundation qualification with us, she's well on her way! Read more about her story below.

I’m studying AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting at ICS Learn. I’ve always had an interest in computing, maths and accounting and I come from a computing background that I’ve studied in Pakistan.

The course I’ve chosen will enable me to gain the knowledge I need to eventually secure an entry-level accounting. ICS Learn will give me the accredited certificate which would also help me go to the next level of accounting in the future and this is why I chosen ICS learn.

"This was my first experience in online learning and I had doubts about online distance learning but the experience been wonderful."

- Shumaila Mahmood

Most of my education been completed in classrooms and workbooks. The course layout and training is straightforward and I get instant help from my online tutor.

Progress checks, mock assessments, and quizzes all have helped me prepare for my exams.  Prior to this course, I had less than adequate knowledge of accounting but I’m more confident in accounting presently and I’m confident about having a career in accounting.

The tutor gives feedback which encourages me to work towards my goal. My tutor is very helpful especially when I'm stuck on a certain topic or question. The ICS Learn forum has a lot of useful information for students and there are active discussions with relevant topics.

I’m currently going through Unit 4 – Elements of Costing – and I’ve recently passed my Bookkeeping Transaction and Bookkeeping Controls exam.

"My plans for the future are to complete the current course and start an entry-level job which would give me the confidence to build towards working on the next level, the AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting."

- Shumaila Mahmood

I would recommend ICS learn for beginners to advanced learners; it’s a great platform with excellent information and with reliable tutor feedback.

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