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Accountancy Student Stories:
AAT Student Stories: Sean | AAT Level 2 Review

Sean King

AAT Level 2

With a successful career in retail behind him, Sean wanted a new challenge. He studied an AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting and is now on the way to a new career. Find out more below. 

After spending my whole career in retail, I found myself on a career break in the summer of 2018 – perfect timing for the amazing summer we had! 

Whilst enjoying the break from the retail treadmill, I spent time thinking about what I wanted to do in the future.

Back in my school days, I had enjoyed maths and before ending up in retail I had considered taking my career down an accounting route but never followed it through.

I decided to challenge myself to do something different and maybe build myself a career I could enjoy into retirement when the travel and long retail hours I was used to would be too much to maintain.

I did some basic internet research on distance learning and what courses I would need to study. The ICS Learn site seemed simple to understand and I could access enough information to understand what I was letting myself in for! 

Even at enquiry stage I received no pressure, just helpful calls and contact about what the courses entailed and guidance about AAT and the structure of the learning.

Needless to say, I signed up pretty much straight away - even this was a painless process, and all done in a couple of emails and phone calls. 

My login details came straight away, and I started to explore the student community and found it straight forward.

The student forums were particularly useful in seeing other students experiences and answered a lot of questions. My assigned tutor contacted me within 24hrs and I felt I could easily ask for guidance whenever I needed.

Having time of work certainly gave me a head start but don’t worry if you’re working full-time, with a little planning you can fit the studies around your work - there’s lots of forum discussion and advice on the best ways for you to study. 

I threw myself into my studies and the support from either the student community or my tutor was there if I needed it.

I did a little research on where to sit my exams and I would recommend you don’t just opt for the closest but pick a provider you are comfortable with. My choice is over 90miles away, but the train journey there allows for some last-minute revision before each exam.

I found the mock exams on our community plus the AAT mocks great preparation for the actual unit exams.

I have passed all my exams so far and am expecting my level two synoptic result shortly, so I’ll have managed to complete Level 2 accountancy in around 3 months.

I have already started on Level 3, at a slightly slower pace as I am working full-time again but have already booked my first unit exam. I can plan my studies around my days off and learn at my own pace.

As to what the future holds, I have my sights set on completing Level 3 and then continuing onto Level 4. The fact that I can start seeking work experience in bookkeeping soon should mean I can start to look at building an income outside of my retail job.

The long-term plan is to transition my career from retail to accountancy, I know this won’t be easy but ICS Learn has given me the learning support for me to take my future into my own hands.

If you are considering signing up with ICS Learn my advice would be go for it, if you want to achieve it you will.

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