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AAT Student Stories: Samantha Oliver | AAT Level 2 Review

Samantha had been out of college for a while but wanted to get back into her accountancy studies. She decided to study an AAT Level 2.

After a long time out of college I wanted to get back into doing my AAT studies. I looked at a lot of different training providers, but ICS Learn was the best by far.

 I found other providers didn't offer the same support and guidance and the advice I received before even signing up helped me make my mind up very quickly.

The lady who dealt with my sign up was so helpful and friendly and gave me all the advice I needed. I had quite a few questions which I emailed to her and she replied almost straight away.

I am studying AAT level 2 going on to level 3 and 4, I am well on my way with studies and really enjoying it.

I am currently a support worker and volunteer in a bookkeeping role, so I have experience when I finish my course to get straight into a accountancy role.

I find learning with ICS Learn fits perfectly around my current job and my children and have recommended it to friends and family.

The sign up was hassle free and nothing but professional.

The site is easy to access with lots of help if you get a little stuck, plus you have your own tutor who is always there to answer your questions or just give you a little advice.

The site also has links to other resources and a connect and communicate page where you can talk to other students and ask them for advice or post something you don't quite get and someone will help you out.

The best thing about studying with ICS Learn is I can complete it at my own pace, there are no deadlines so you can spend as much time or as little as you like studying which is great if you have a busy household like mine.

I am feeling extremely hopeful that after I complete my level 2 and 3, I will have the skills to start working in an accountancy role.

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