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AAT Student Stories: Samantha | AAT Level 2 Review

Deciding to follow her dream of being an accountant, Samantha enrolled on an AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate course with us. Find out what she enjoyed about her course.


I am currently studying a foundation course in Accounting with ICS Learn, I have done two exams so far (three to go, fingers crossed), and I passed both of those exams first try!

I chose ICS Learn because it seemed very easy to use, and I liked the opportunity to have a tutor on hand whenever I needed help.

I had previously tried studying Level 3 Accounting on my own and didn’t have any luck because of how difficult the content was without the help of a tutor.

Before that, I had briefly gone to university to study a different course, and found that university was not for me, so decided to give Accountancy another try because I’d wanted to be an accountant for a long time.

Hopefully after I finish my foundation course with ICS Learn I can get a job in the field so I can study my Level 3 with other professionals around me. If I find that I can’t, then I will likely continue to study my Level 3 in Accounting with ICS Learn.

Before studying with ICS Learn, I had been hesitant about studying online because I had tried it before and had no luck.

I was worried about the tutor not being able to help me the way I wanted if I could not communicate well enough with them, but I’ve found that studying online (and with ICS Learn) is perfect for me.

Not only can I fit the studies around my full-time job, my tutor has been incredibly helpful, and always quick to respond.

I would definitely recommend ICS Learn for anyone who is working that wants to change their career path or for anyone who wants to learn something new, it has given me the chance to get back on track with the career I’ve always wanted, and I am very excited for the future.


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