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Bookkeeping Student Stories:
AAT Student Stories: Sacha Woolley | AAT Level 3 Advanced in Bookkeeping

Sacha Woolley

AAT Level 3 Advanced in Bookkeeping

After completing her AAT Level 2 Bookkeeping qualification, Sacha wanted t further elevate her career with an AAT Level 3 Bookkeeping qualification.

Having previously completed my level 2 bookkeeping qualification a couple of years ago, I decided to improve my knowledge by doing the level 3 advanced certificate in bookkeeping with ICS Learn. A large part of my job is bookkeeping as the ‘Company PA’ at the construction firm I work for so it made sense to enhance my skills in this area.

Having completed distance learning-based courses previously, I felt comfortable learning in this way again but knew that it was important for me to build a good relationship with the course provider I chose. There is nothing worse than completing a distance learning course and feeling like you have no one to turn to.

I talked to a couple of providers but didn’t get a good feel for any of them until I spoke to ICS learn.

They outlined all the information clearly as well as offering the course at a fantastic price. I felt confident that I would be able to pass my course with the support being offered.

I was really happy when I read the course content and found that there were multiple methods of study, with presentation slides to live/recorded audio sessions and plenty of quizzes and assessments to test myself. I think I’m best utilizing all these methods together to learn new information so this was a real benefit.

Another big advantage was having my own dedicated tutor who was there throughout to help explain concepts further and mark test paper after test paper.

Most of the time, she had marked my papers within only a couple of hours of me sending them to her!

Overall, my experience with ICS Learn has been really positive. They have been supportive and allowed me to gain invaluable knowledge which will help me develop my work role.

I would absolutely recommend ICS Learn to anyone considering learning something new or developing existing qualifications.

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