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Accountancy Student Stories:
AAT Student Stories: Rehaan Sajjad | AAT Level 4 Review

Rehaan Sajjid

AAT Level 4 Diploma in Professional Accounting

After completing his Level 2 and 3 AAT qualifications, Rehaan enrolled on a Level 4 Diploma in Professional Accounting while working full-time to further enhance his accounting knowledge!

I chose the AAT path because I was interested in becoming an accountant. My mother being a chartered accountant inspired me to follow in her footsteps and do accountancy. After some online researching, I was able to find AAT courses at all different levels and after more thorough research I decided to pursue this after my GSCES. I started off with AAT Level 2 in Uxbridge college and Level 3 in Ealing. After this I decided to look for a role in finance which offers study support for my Level 4.

I am currently working as a Finance Coordinator. I pay employees on payroll, create invoices, collect debt and create statements of accounts on profit and loss sheets. The main reason that I got this job is due to my AAT level 3 qualification and after working for more than 6 months at this company, they offered to pay for my studies, which is where I found ICS Learn.

I am currently studying my AAT Level 4 Diploma in Professional Accounting with ICS Learn.

When doing my research, ICS caught my attention because

not only was the course cheaper than others, but ICS allowed me to study whenever and wherever I want, to my own time schedule. I have multiple brilliant tutors available to me whenever I need help and ICS has given me all Kaplan books.

So far I am finding this course to be amazing. The tutors are all very helpful and the online learning platform has everything I need.

They also record every live lesson in case you miss one, or wish to watch them back which I find especially helpful while studying!

The Kaplan books are also extremely helpful and my tutors are always there for me whenever I don’t understand anything. This course has helped me a lot with the understanding of AAT Level 4. I plan to finish Level 4 soon and move on to CIMA Qualification.


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