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AAT Student Stories: Rachel Hayes | AAT Level 2 & 3 Review

Rachel is enjoying her learning journey as she works towards her AAT Level 2 Certificate & Level 3 Diploma. Find out more about her experience with us in her story below.

I’m Rachel, 27 and I’m currently working as an Accounts Supervisor. I am completing AAT Level 2 but have signed up for the combined Level 2 & 3 with ICS Learn. After considering starting my AATs for a while and after a lot of research in how I’d do this – looking into college courses to do in the evening and many different online options, I decided to choose to study with ICS Learn.

I had read so many positive reviews, such as, clear content, easy to follow and the fantastic support you receive, and they were not wrong.

I definitely had my reservations about online learning, I have a few friends who go to college and are studying their AATs and always say how great it is to have that support system of being in the classroom environment, so I was worried I would feel alone and have no help online.

However, I couldn't have been more wrong and ultimately am glad I chose an option that fitted around my lifestyle that little bit better. The amount of support is also unlimited - so it's a win win!

My tutor is on hand whenever I need them and there is also a student forum section where you can ask and answer questions, which makes you feel far from alone. My journey so far has been so much more pleasant than I had thought, I’m really enjoying it.

The content of the course is easy to follow, and you can even download a study support plan put together by ICS learn – you don’t have too, but I have found this a massive help in staying on track.

There is also a lot of external links they supply to better your studying, they offer everything you could think of to make your AAT journey as easy and as less stressful as possible.

I would definitely recommend ICS Learn to anyone who is looking to pursue a career in the accounting industry or even if you just want to better your knowledge for your own personal reasons. It’s such a great platform and I’m genuinely so happy I chose ICS!


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