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Accountancy Student Stories:
AAT Student Stories: Mariya Krumova | AAT Level 3 Accountancy Review

Mariya Krumova

AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting.

Mariya decided to switch careers from marketing to accountancy and follow her love of maths by studying an AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting.

My name is Mariya Krumova. I am a marketing administrator in a logistics company.

My career path hasn’t been smooth. Instead, it has been very challenging.

I have completed my AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accountancy, and I am currently working towards Level 3, anticipating to complete Level 4, as well.

As a little kid I always liked Mathematics classes at school. After my high school graduation, I went to study Public Administration at University. While at the University, I had to take a bookkeeping exam and I found it so fascinating. Since I moved to the United Kingdom, all of my roles have been involving sales ledger and purchase ledger duties.

That’s how I decided that this is something that will be useful to know in order to perform at a higher standard at work.

First, I chose to study for the Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accountancy as I was not exactly sure how things will progress with the online studying which I haven’t done before.

ICS Learn is one of the most affordable online platforms, which  does not compromise on quality over the price.

I found it easy to navigate around with the studying materials and online lessons. I liked it so much that after completion of my course I decided to study for more accountancy courses with them.

My future desire for a career is a Senior Accountant. I am planning to complete Level 3 and 4 in Accountancy and to get a CIMA qualification after that.

My personal reservations when I decided to signed into online accountancy course were that I would have a really hard time understanding what is required to do in the tasks.

I overcome this fear right after completing my first practice tasks.

It has been a totally different way to study compared to being a full time student at the University. It is definitely achievable for a working person.

It gives you opportunity to balance work, study and spend time with family. In my case I work four days out of five, I study in the afternoons after work and I have free time to spend with my family on weekends.

I would recommend the ICS Learn to my friends and colleagues definitely and, in fact, I am already doing so. Everybody thinks that is a such a good thing to continue to study and learn useful subjects and tools which will help me to develop in my career.

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