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Accountancy Student Stories:
AAT Student Stories: Lucy Wills | AAT Level 2 and 3 Combined

Lucy Wills

AAT Level 2 and 3 Combined

Lucy decided to take on the AAT Level 2 and 3 Combined course in Accounting to support with future career endeavours. Read to find out how she's getting on.

My current role is Treasury Analyst with a Finance directorate and I'm currently studying AAT level 2 & 3 combined with ICS Learn.

I chose the course because I knew that it would open up a lot of doors for me and ultimately provide me with more opportunity to progress further in my career. I also knew it would add to my skills and the knowledge I have from experience in accountancy roles over the last decade. ICS Learn were also offering a January discount at the time of enrolment which made the decision even easier! 

Because they allowed me to make payments over a period of time, I could spread the cost of my qualification and afford to do my AAT with them.

Some providers don’t offer this option and are not as competitive as ICS. Also,

ICS had very good reviews from previous students and lots of information on their website to help me make an informed decision as to whether studying with them was right for me.

I did have lots of reservations about online learning, as initially I had always attended classroom-based courses and found that method of learning best for me. However, when I read about the online course and how I would study with ICS I became less worried and more confident that I would adapt and complete the course without any problems.

Since starting the course I have proved myself right and now love the way I can study flexibly and in different locations whilst online. If I go away for a weekend or stay with a friend, I can take my laptop with me and study at the same time.

My tutor support has been amazing from day one, her name is Becky and she is fabulous. As soon as I joined, she introduced herself to me and made me feel very at ease. She’s easy to talk to, helpful and very friendly. She actually takes an interest in my exam progress and is always on hand to help.

Her response times are really good and level of knowledge too.

Everyone that helped me sign up to my course has been helpful at ICS and it’s been a very nice experience for me. It’s really straight forward to communicate with your tutor on the student platform, just as easy as classroom-based learning which has been a big plus for me. My qualification has also helped me come on leaps and bounds with regards to accountancy and it's helped fill the gaps in my knowledge, something that being qualified by experience just can’t do.

My qualification is also being recognised by my employer and now forms part of my annual progress review.

Everyone in my team at work is supporting me with my AAT and is proud of me for signing up to do my qualification. My plans for the future are to keep studying and see how far I can go with my AAT and eventually I hope to move into a more senior role within my workplace.

I would definitely recommend ICS Learn to anyone thinking about doing a qualification. They are a very good learning provider and I am so glad that I chose them.


If you're like Becky and looking to open doors to advance further in your career, gain a new qualification with ICS Learn today.

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