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AAT Student Stories: Liz Alexander | AAT Level 2 Review

Liz wanted to get out of sales and start on a new career path, so she decided to take a chance and kickstart her finance career with an AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting. Find out more about how she got on. 

I was made redundant from a sales role in October 2020 and decided I wanted to do something different. I found that working in Sales wasn’t the most transferable skill in the world and the only other roles I would be likely to get of a similar salary point would be in sales. 

I, therefore, decided to look into what I could do to change that pattern. I have always been interested in a career in Accountancy and decided to research the options available to me.  

Having completed a few distance learning courses whilst on furlough leave, I liked the style and flexibility of online learning and this gave me the confidence that I would successfully complete a distance learning course. 

I did a lot of research on the various courses available and decided on the AAT Foundation in Accounting as AAT is said to be the most recognised amongst the Accounting qualifications by employers. 

It also had several levels, where each one sat in its own entity but could enable me to take the qualification further if I wished. 

I chose ICS Learn as the reviews were good and I was inspired by their easy-to-use learning platform. 

The course was well put together and the content helped me to understand lots of complicated things without even realising they were complicated!

I enjoyed being able to test my knowledge along the way and my work was always marked promptly by my tutor where applicable. 

The chapters and lessons were split into manageable chunks, so I was able to fit them around what I was doing without having to stop midway through a lesson. This enabled me to do an hour or study at a time, which was very helpful. 

The course I undertook helped me to go into an exam with confidence and the ability to answer the questions with ease. 

I completed the qualification after three months with a total score of 96% which gave me a distinction. 

With the content of the course and my true understanding of everything, I now feel confident to apply for a role in this area and/or move on to further levels of AAT.


Inspired by her story? Kickstart your career today like Liz with a 100% online AAT accountancy qualification with us. 



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