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AAT Student Stories: Liene Leja | AAT Level 2 Review

Find out how Liene started a brand new career in bookkeeping, despite having no prior experience of the industry, by studying an online Level 2 AAT Foundation in Bookkeeping.

I’ve been working as a care assistant for a while and felt that I could really do better than that. Sure, helping others was rewarding, but having more money in the bank account to afford more nice things for my own family would just be amazing.

So, I knew I had to learn something new.

I decided to study the AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping. After a while of online searching I decided to go with ICS Learn.

I started studying with ICS Learn with no previous bookkeeping experience at all, so I started from nothing. I searched for different ways of learning and studying from home seemed like the most suitable option for me.

I found this course very useful, the tutorials/webinars and tests helped me to learn and test my knowledge and see what needed more polishing.

The ICS Learn course programmes give you all the tools you need for successful studies but it’s up to you to put the hours in.

This course has given me a clear picture of bookkeeping basics and I am now capable of working alongside my husband’s Accounting team.

Changing life is never easy, but, my goodness, I am so happy I made the choice of online learning! I wouldn’t look back, in fact, I’m already looking how much further my new career can take me.

If you’re worried about spending money on a course and you may not get a job - don’t! That was my worry and the moment I started studying, I saw loads of opportunities coming my way. The fact is that skilled people will always get work!

If you don’t have the time or willpower - an online learning course may not be for you.

But if you’re prepared to plan your studies - go ahead and smash it, be successful achiever and move up in life!

Like I said, I would not go back to my old life. Not only my job is changed, my whole life and pride in myself has changed too.

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