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Accountancy Student Stories:
AAT Student Stories: Katie Last | AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting Review

Katie Last

AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting

Katie wasn't enjoying her job in a pharmacy, so she decided to get into accounting by studying an AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting. Here is her story. 

I currently work in a pharmacy as a dispenser and I got to a point of not enjoying my job anymore. I made the decision to retrain and get into accounting. I knew I would have to keep my job for the money, so this meant that I would need to choose a learning provider that was flexible.

"When I found ICS Learn, I knew they would be perfect for me. I found some other colleges that were online but their courses weren't AAT courses. ICS Learn are also cheaper than the majority of colleges and there is the option to finance your course with 0% interest, which makes the course even more affordable!"

- Katie Last

I like how you can learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want. I really enjoy learning in my own space, and whenever I want.  For me, learning on my own is great because I can plan my learning around my life. There aren't any set times that you have to be doing lessons, etc. I also love that the resources are online so I can do my studying at home, on holiday or at my boyfriends house.

I know some people may worry that they can’t ask for help with the course being online, but the tutors are a stone throw away.

I find the course very interesting and very enjoyable. There are lots of resources available and I also love that there are questions throughout the learning resources so you know how you are getting on.

I think the tutor support is amazing. If ever I have any questions, Louise is always there to help. She is very quick to reply and always explains things in detail.

I really like the fact I can use any exam centre because with the coronavirus situation, I have been able to look for cancellations for my exams to prevent me waiting around for exams.

The qualification has helped me learn the skills I will need for my next career in accounting. I plan to carry on with ICS Learn once I have finished the Foundation Course, I will definitely be doing the Advanced and the Professional Levels. Then hopefully doing the next steps to become chartered.

"I would highly recommend ICS Learn to anybody! They are very friendly, their courses are very detailed and in depth and the portal is so easy to use making it perfect for all ages."

- Katie Last

The costs of the courses are good too!  I definitely made the right decision to start studying with ICS Learn. It has been the best decision of my life.

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