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AAT Student Stories: Heather Cummings | AAT Level 4 Review

After realising that classroom learning wasn't for her, Heather decided to try studying online with us as she works through her AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting. Find out more about her experience below! 

I'm currently studying for my AAT Level 4 Diploma with ICS Learn.

Currently, my job role is Finance and Support Department Assistant, and I've been at this company since 2018 and I enjoy all the challenges it brings. After completing my Level 4, I'm hoping to see a promotion with my current company.

After previously studying my AAT Level 2 and 3 qualifications at my local college, I decided classroom learning wasn’t for me. I liked the idea of setting my own pace and with a small child and work it was easier to do the studying when I could afford to rather than a set time every week.

I knew I wanted to continue studying to complete my Level 4, but not in the classroom. Studying remotely with ICS Learn was something I was skeptical of - I thought I would struggle with motivation - but it's actually the opposite.

I set goals for myself which helps with motivation and a sense of pride and accomplishment when I hit those goals!

You can work at your own pace and there is online support from tutors and forums. There are lots of online study materials from live webinars (which you can watch later) practice assessments and key calculations.

I liked that you can still have student interaction even though you are distance learning. You can ask a question online and other students can help you answer them. Something I have found very useful.

Especially after the last couple of years with COVID 19, I'm glad my study has not been affected as it has always been online learning. There were no cancelled classes or stand-in tutors, just me constantly learning.

I would definitely recommend ICS Learn, there hasn’t been a time when I’ve not had the help I need like in a classroom, and working from home not having to find childcare, or taking time off work has been amazing.

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