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Accountancy Student Stories:
AAT Student Stories: Euan | AAT Level 3 Advanced in Accounting

Euan Robertson

AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting

I currently work for a medium sized Accountancy firm in Scotland where I am a Junior Accountant.

I chose ICS Learn and continue to use ICS Learn as it affordable and makes my learning experience simple and keeps it interesting. ICS is by far the best in helping me learn quickly and maintains motivation especially during the pandemic.

At first, I wasn’t 100% sure about how online learning could benefit me as I started straight after leaving school, where I was used to in-class learning.

Now that I am a while into online learning with ICS Learn, I have realised how useful this is as I can learn in my own time. This is vital for me due to working certain hours and I can choose at what speed I can progress.

Although I have not fully finished my learning yet, I have already benefited so much from my learning and qualifications. I started my course when I had no previous qualifications and from the very start of learning with ICS Learn I was taught a lot about accountancy which helped ease me into my current career.

I was able to apply the knowledge I learned from ICS Learn directly to my work.

For me, learning and working at the same time is helping me develop my abilities as I’m constantly using my course to consolidate my knowledge in my work practices and vice versa. I think this is the catalyst to my quick progression.

I am excited and focused on my upcoming challenges so that I can continue my progress in the qualifications and learning, furthering my career.

I would strongly recommend ICS Learn due to the affordability and how simple it is to learn even complex courses. My favourite thing about ICS Learn learning is the online portal and the resources in the hard copy books.

I can easily structure my next chapter of learning by using the books to not only learn but also to see the content in practice. I can also test the knowledge I’ve learned so far. Learning with ICS Learn online is perfect for keeping track of my course contents and also tracking progress to see what level I’m at by doing progress checks and exam style questions to set me on my way for the next assessment.

Every time I have entered an exam I have had full confidence due to my learning with ICS Learn. This is giving me lots of success on my course.

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