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Accountnacy Student Stories:
AAT Student Stories: Chloe Newby | AAT Level 3 and 4 Review

Chloe Newby

AAT Level 3 and 4

After completing her AAT Level 2 qualification, Chloe wanted to further enhance her accountancy career with AAT Level 3 and Level 4 qualifications. She opted to enrol with ICS Learn in order to learn remotely and at her own pace, since she became very busy with her professional commitments.

I chose to study AAT Accounting because I have been doing accounts for a few years and I am only qualified by experience to do those types of jobs. This as you can imagine has led to an increased difficulty for employers to take me on as they desire the qualifications.

I put myself through my Level 2 to start off with while I was job hunting and managed to secure a job at a company that was willing to help me in my pursuit to become Level 4 qualified.

I chose to change my provider for Level 3 and 4 as I am quite busier now with work and the structure of what ICS provide is very good for someone like me, you learn at your own pace, they give you all the material that you could need, and it is all just about you taking what time you can spare wherever you can to study.

I like the freeness and flexibility of it.

I had a few reservations with this particular online learning provider as the provider before did weekly (sometimes 2 a week) live sessions to go through the material which isn’t offered with ICS, but in some ways that is better for my current situation as I do not feel pressured to learn the material at a certain rate and I can take my time with what I do not understand.

I find both my course and tutor support to be above adequate.

The material is very easy to understand and when I submit work, my tutor is very quick to mark and review and the feedback she gives me really does help me to gain further marks that I miss.

My qualification is already helping me with my job as it is just giving me a stronger foundation of my own knowledge and giving me new skills to bring to my job role to make me more effective at what I do.

I do not know what I will do once I have completed my level 4, all depends on the growth of the business I am in now as it is still pretty new at the moment. We can grow together.

If you are looking for a learning provider that lays out the material in a very easy to understand manner, to have someone there if you get stuck or don’t understand something and if you prefer to learn on your own at your own pace then I would definitely recommend ICS.

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