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AAT Student Stories: Beth Gibbons | AAT Level 2 Review

Find out how Beth is getting on as she works her way through the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping. 

I’m currently studying the AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping. I was extremely nervous at starting learning again, never mind online learning – this was completely out of my comfort zone.

I’d seen my children doing online learning during lockdown and it looked extremely stressful and at times frustrating. However, I’m working full time with children and the flexibility of the course and being able to complete it in my own time really appealed to me.

I have to admit that I had a slight panic when I read the course syllabus, I felt overwhelmed and unsure about how to approach it.

However ICS Learn provided a really helpful timetable showing what I should be doing on a week by week basis, it really helped to break it down for me and approaching it on a week by week basis felt more manageable.

There was also a video introducing me to the course and how to use the website. This could have been a little more helpful as there have been elements of the website layout I have struggled with but it was a good start.

The course has been excellent so far, I’ve found the online learning so much easier than expected. I like the interactive style of learning, rather than just reading all the time – it really suits my style of learning.

I’ve also found the tests at the end of each section really helpful as it really makes me think about what I’ve just learned, giving me confidence if I’ve done well or making me think I need to revisit a certain section if I’ve struggled!

I’m also really impressed that the live lessons are recorded so I can watch these in my own time.

So far I’ve only submitted one piece of work for my tutor to mark but this has been marked promptly and with lots of detailed marking. It’s been years since I’ve been assessed but I can’t believe how proud I felt of myself when my tutor praised my work.

Fingers crossed I pass this course and I can move onto the higher certificate. I’m really hoping this will be the platform I need to move into bookkeeping and a change in career for me.


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