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AAT Student Stories: Baha Abid | AAT Level 2 Review

Baha wanted to start a career in accounting so he enrolled on the AAT Level 2 Certificate to gain the basic knowledge of Accounting to help him kickstart his new career. 

My experience with ICS has been amazing. Currently I’m studying the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting Course.

I am not yet in an accounting role, however I have been recognised while studying this course and have already been offered a Level 3 Apprenticeship once I finish this course and its exams!

I chose to study this course with my move to Birmingham as I wanted to start my career in accounting, and needed to build up my knowledge and experience. Starting with the foundation of accounting, this course goes over the introduction to bookkeeping in great detail, as well as the Bookkeeping practises themselves too and the business environment. There are questions in every single section in all parts of the module to help keep you on track and engaged with the material that you are learning.

At first I had reservations about studying online rather than going to actual classes, however the content that is provided in these courses is very thorough and detailed.

There is support available whenever you need it, constant questions throughout the module, as well as scheduled live lessons throughout the month and videos on the course that you can access anytime as well.

The support is lovely and you truly get what you are paying for.

This qualification has helped me add to my CV, with reference to accounting, and my plans for the future are to move onto the Level 3 and complete the exams associated with it as well, so that I may move onto an accounting role in the future.

I recommend ICS Learn to anyone thinking of studying an online accounting course, as this one specifically I have had great experience in, and the range of support available is vast and detailed.

I have not tried other courses however have no need to as everything I would need to progress my learning is available with ICS.

10/10 Course and an amazing experience from start to finish.

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