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Accountancy Student Stories:
AAT Student Stories: Arlene Whyte | AAT Level 2 Certificate Review

Arlene Whyte

AAT Level 2 Certificate

Arlene was happy to get stuck back in studying after 20 years with the support of her employer and a new role on the cards. Read more about her AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting

I was working with the local Council and was on maternity leave, however, due to the Covid restrictions, when I was due to return to work the team was still working from home, and I was dreading returning to work. After having a chat with my Health Visitor, she pushed me to look into studying something that was of interest to me and I started looking at job adverts for something within the accounting field that would also allow me to study in my free time.

I found a post that was advertised as full-time as an Admin / Accounts Assistant with Denholm Fishselling, but they were willing to consider part-time hours. I applied for the job and was invited to interview. At the interview, they were keen for me to go through a course to get my qualifications.

I was offered the job with the ideal hours to suit my two children and school runs so I began looking over the courses available with different companies and liked the option of the combined Foundation Certificate and Advanced Diploma in Accounting with ICS Learn.

I was nervous to start studying again, having been away from anything of the such for 20 years, but I soon got into the swing of it – any free time I had, I did some studying.

It was so handy to be able to pick it up and stop when I needed a break or life got in the way at times.

I’ve recently completed the Foundation Certificate in Accounting, passing with Distinction with a score of 93% - I am absolutely delighted with my grade and have enjoyed working through the course. 

I’ve made a start to the Advanced Diploma, and enjoying it too – all going well, I may well go ahead and do the Professional Level, but will see how the Advanced Diploma goes first.

The support I received from the tutor during my Foundation Certificate was excellent – results were back really quickly and I was offered support when I asked for it.

I’ve really enjoyed getting back into studying, to do something for me and having the support from my employer has really helped too!

ICS Learn modules are easy to use and it’s good to be able to go back to the start of any modules where there is something I’m not sure about.

I’ve had no issues with ICS Learn, any queries have been answered promptly and the support available is great!  It’s definitely been a great decision I’ve made to pursue the studying again after 20 years away from school and a complete change in direction with my career.

Thank you ICS Learn for helping me pursue this change!


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