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Accountancy Student Stories:
Alex Sutton | AAT Level 2 and Level 3 Review

Alex Sutton

AAT Level 2 Certificate and Level 3 Diploma

Alex works in the communications sector but was keen to try something different and learn new skills. The Level 2 and Level 3 Combined AAT course was exactly what he was looking for. 

I currently work in the communications sector but with an urge to try something new - I chose to study AAT level 2 and 3 in a combined course offered by ICS Learn.

This was a bit of a leap, as I had no previous experience of accounting and I had also completed a few online courses in the past that I found to be quite successful. 

However, I had heard positive things about ICS Learn and this course specifically so I was keen to give the AAT combined course in Accounting a go.

I chose to study with ICS Learn as a member of the family who had also taken the same course recommended them, so I knew I was in safe hands. 

A remote course was a must as I needed to maintain my job and be at home for the kids in the evenings, so evening classes or face to face tutoring were out of the question.

I had a few reservations about starting the course as I had no experience but I was able to take a test online that highlighted the exact level that was right for me.

I rang ICS Learn and spoke to one of their advisors. They were very friendly and seemed very knowledgeable about the course, by the end of that evening I was signed up and ready to go.

The whole process was quick, simple and I had immediate access to the course content.

I found the instructor interaction and live lessons that ICS Learn offered a real bonus and very much enjoyable.

The remote course also allowed me to study around my current job, whilst raising a family.

I found that the tutors responded very quickly to questions with lots of advice and examples, they also seemed to be available out of the normal working day as I also had a few replies in the evenings which was really helpful.

The course itself is very structured, with lesson plans readily available, live lessons, recorded lessons and a work book to help with a wide range of learning techniques, I cannot fault ICS!

ICS Learn additionally supported me through my registration with AAT and now I have a huge range of learning content available to me.

If you’re in a position where you’d like to branch out and try something new then I would definitely recommend ICS Learn - especially if you have a packed life and need the course to fit around you.

I also found that even though the course and the tutors offered a flexible approach, this had no impact on the quality of student support, which was especially positive! 



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