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10 Reasons to Train Your Accountancy Team with AAT Qualifications

Giving your teams the right tools that they need to do their job is a no-brainer, but many employers overlook the need for training.

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) provides globally accredited qualifications which can give any accountancy team the edge. If you’ve ever considered providing AAT training to your staff, then we’re here to tell you about the benefits of doing so.

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Suitable Courses for Every Staff Member

The qualifications that AAT offers are diverse, with levels to suit every employee with an interest in finance. From entry-level to more advanced courses, these courses can be used to upskill a variety of staff members. AAT offers qualifications for both bookkeepers and accountants too.

Whether you have a member of staff that wants to move into finance with little previous experience or a financial officer that’s ready to step into a senior role, AAT can help to support their professional development. 

Employees Benefit from AAT Membership

AAT provide their members with fantastic perks that can enhance their day-to-day lives. They gain designatory letters to show their status, undertake continuing professional development and can even claim discounts from retailers.

Membership with this professional body can use the following post-nominals:

  • Associate Bookkeeping Membership (AATQB)
  • Full Membership (MAAT)
  • Fellow Membership (FMAAT)

The designation that the employee can use depends on their level of study and experience.

Used within their email signatures, business cards and online profiles, these letters show that your employees are competent, well-trained, and committed to the highest professional standards. This clout can create a positive impression of the employee with clients and those they work with internally too.

Continuing Advice and Support

Members of AAT also benefit from continual advice and support. AAT provides discussion forums, newsletters and mentoring to help these staff to develop.

This is ideal for practitioners that want to improve their knowledge further within the workforce, as they can gain reassurance and help from more experienced AAT members. They can go on to take on new challenges and responsibilities, still safe in the knowledge that they have this resource to hand.

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Events and Networking Opportunities

Meeting with other members in person and attending further events helps your employees to continue their professional development. These events cover topical factors impacting the accountancy industry, such as Brexit, new taxes, cyber security and accounting standards.

There are also social events to attend, which gives employees the chance to network with fellow members. They can draw on the experience of these members to inform their own decisions, perhaps even finding a new mentor.


Develop and Retain Your Top Performers

Retaining top performers is a priority for most organisations and offering training can greatly decrease staff turnover. This makes employees happier within their role and gives a more positive view of the organisation as a whole.

Employees that succeed in training can be set up for promotions and more responsibilities. This can be a great way to formalise personal development within the company, which benefits both employees and the organisation.


Build Productive, Knowledgeable Teams

With sound knowledge, teams are more productive and make fewer business-damaging mistakes. Within the financial sector, this is particularly important as mistakes can potentially be costly.

Creating a solid knowledge base for the team allows them to make independent decisions with confidence. They can also share this knowledge, as team members at higher levels can advise others on best practice.

As part of the AAT membership renewals process, members must show that they have undertaken real professional development during the year. This acts as a staunch incentive for your employee to continue their work in personal development, which can otherwise fall by the wayside.

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Employees Can Enrol on Combined Courses

If employees express an interest in reaching a mid- or senior-level role from an entry-level position, they can combine courses to achieve this. They can enrol on combined courses that cover Level 2 and Level 3, or Level 3 and Level 4 for more experienced members of staff.

This is a more cost-effective way to study these courses and can act as an incentive for them to complete the full training. This can quickly get the employee progressing through both courses, as they can dedicate as much time as they want to these courses.


A Seal of Professionalism

Becoming a member of AAT is a world-recognised seal of approval. Their members must meet select criteria to ensure that they are committed to self-development and best practice. Ethical accountancy is important, as accountants must be ready to provide unbiased and moral advice.

This is a great incentive for staff to act with the highest levels of integrity, as they want to retain this status. Their professional conduct should already be of a high standard and this seal helps to encourage this.


International Recognition

AAT is a qualification that holds weight around the world, no matter where your business is operating. For multi-national companies or those looking to venture into new territories, this qualification can open doors.

Showing that all members of staff are trained to a high degree, with accredited courses, is a great advantage for any organisation.

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Training Can Fit Around Any Schedule

Employers can be discouraged from providing training to busy employees, as they worry about how this will fit around their busy schedule. Employers don’t want to run the risk of heaping stress onto a busy employee or losing a top performer during times that they need to attend a classroom.

However, with online AAT training this doesn’t need to be the case, as they can digest the information at their leisure. They can study during their commute, when they have any amount of downtime or in between meetings.


Employees Become Well-Rounded Professionals

AAT qualifications help the student to broaden their knowledge beyond what they typically encounter. These courses take your employees through tax, ethics, accounts preparation, budgeting, systems, financial statements and much, much more.

While they may already feel comfortable with some elements of the course material, this is there chance to really step outside of their usual role. This can come in very handy in a variety of situations, as the employee can apply this knowledge to a new role.

With all of these benefits from AAT training, this can be the perfect way to take your accountancy team to the next level. Consider training your teams flexibly to give your organisation the edge over your competition.


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