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Distance Learning For Groups


As well as providing innovative and flexible distance learning solutions for individuals, we also work with businesses, government departments, further education, higher education and private training providers.

We provide blended learning group solutions where our distance learning courses are mixed with face-to-face tutor sessions to encourage, motivate and support our learners within an organisational setting.

Thanks to our range of services, we have the capability to manage learning within a group in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Managing a cohort of learners who are all studying the same subject, with either a defined start and end date, or on a 'roll-on, roll-off' basis.
  2. Managing a cohort of learners who are studying different courses, but all utilising ICS support. This means that your organisation could be up-skilling staff, for example, across the marketing, procurement and HR functions on different courses, but all through ICS and our network of expert tutors.

The advantages of utilising a blended learning solution is that learners can study together along the same timelines, but there is also the flexibility for them to reduce or extend their study period based on their individual preferences and the time they can allocate to their study. Organisational learners also have access to our online Student Community where they can interact with other students from around the world studying the same courses.

All of our courses are also supported by high quality materials and the majority also benefitting from experienced tutors and mentors, with helpful support available through multiple channels. The majority of courses provide an internationally recognised, accredited qualification, helping individuals achieve their learning goals, and organisations to reap the benefits of this new found staff knowledge.

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