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  • The same IGCSE qualification you’d get in school, all online
  • 9.6/10 Trustpilot rating from 2500+ independent reviews
  • Live online classrooms and unlimited 1:1 personal tutor support
  • Learn at your own pace and set your own schedule
  • Study anywhere, anytime on your phone, tablet or laptop

Why is this course right for you?

Our uniquely flexible online English Language course means that even if you're working full-time or caring for family, you can fit learning around your busy life.

You'll first go back to basics and learn the rules of grammar and the intricacies of punctuation.

Then, you'll learn how to analyse the structure and skill of an argument, and how to write persuasively and objectively in a variety of styles and for a variety of purposes.

Your IGCSE English Language will be a stepping stone to further education, a fulfilling career - and a better future.

Entry requirements

You don’t need any previous qualifications to take this course.

If English is your second language, we recommend you have an IELTS 5.5 or equivalent, but we’re happy to review your case on an individual basis.


Course content

This course will teach you the Edexcel International GCSE English Language B (Specification 4EB1) syllabus in preparation for sitting your exam.

You’ll cover:

  • Basic English
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing to Specific Guidelines
  • Writing Reviews/Blogs/Articles
  • Writing Leaflets
  • Writing Arguments
  • Writing to Persuade
  • Personal and Creative Writing
  • Exam Preparation

For details of what you’ll learn on each unit, download the IGCSE English Language course guide.


IGCSE exams

Please note that you’re responsible for booking your exam.

You’ll arrange to sit it at a school or college roughly 6 months before your chosen exam date.

The exam consists of one written paper that lasts 3 hours.

This course won't prepare you for the Spoken Language Endorsement (Paper 4EB1/E) exam, which is an optional paper rather than a mandatory part of the qualification.

Your exam fees aren't included in the course cost as you'll pay these directly to your exam centre.

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Emma Farrugia‘I achieved a grade A – the first A I have ever achieved! My English tutor was amazing, the silly questions I had turned out to not be silly after all and the feedback was motivational. ICS Learn gave me the freedom to study as much or as little as I liked.’
- Emma Farrugia

Lewis Edon‘I really enjoyed the course. It teaches you everything you need to know and my English tutor Anna gave excellent feedback. I highly recommend ICS Learn as I have found them to be brilliant.’
- Lewis Edon

Simran Burgess‘The English course was extremely easy to access and very user friendly. The tutors are very welcoming, understanding and always on hand. ICS Learn were just what I needed to get me started for a better future.’
- Simran Burgess

  • Unlimited 1:1 support from your personal English tutor, online or by phone
  • Live interactive online classrooms led by our in-house English teacher
  • Call our English teacher helpline for extra guidance when you're stuck
  • Complete marked mock exams to ensure you're well-prepared for the real thing


We’re the world’s most experienced online learning provider, having been pioneers in flexible distance learning for 130 years.

We’re also the UK’s most trusted GCSE provider, with a Trustpilot rating of 9.6/10 from more than 2500 independent reviews.

Our flexibility, unlimited tutor support, and interest-free payment plans make it easy to shape learning around your life.

That’s why every year, we help thousands of students like you get the GCSEs they need to succeed.

An IGCSE is an International GCSE. They’re offered in many independent and private schools in the UK, and are recognised globally as equivalent to GCSEs.

We teach them for some subjects because they’re assessed mainly through exams, not coursework, so they’re better suited to online learning.

Yes, it’s exactly the same.

You’ll sit the same exams at the same time as all the other IGCSE students in the UK, and you’ll receive the same results, transcript and qualification.

Your IGCSE will be accepted by colleges, universities and employers worldwide as equivalent to a GCSE.

The course covers everything you need to excel in your exam, so no supporting textbook is provided.

However, you might find the following textbook useful:

  • Edexcel International GCSE (9-1) English Language B Student Book (Pearson, 2017)

We strongly recommend that you read as much as you can from various sources, for example fiction, non-fiction, newspapers, magazines, web articles, leaflets.

This will give you greater awareness of and confidence in the various writing styles.

Right away! There’s no need to wait until September to enrol – you can begin your course at any time.

Once you enrol, you’ll be able to log in to your course and get started within an hour.

  • Personal English tutor available anytime online or by phone
  • In-house English teacher runs live classrooms and the English helpline
  • 24/7 access to the Student Community, your all-in-one online learning platform
  • Interactive online learning broken down into easy-to-follow units
  • Practice tests and mock exams marked by your tutor
  • Student forums so you can connect and share advice with other IGCSE students
  • Friendly student services team, so you’re never more than a message or phone call away from a helping hand

Roughly 6 months before your chosen exam date, you should book your place at an exam centre to take the Edexcel IGCSE English Language B (Specification 4EB1) exam.

Exam centres are usually schools or colleges that are also submitting their own students for the exam.

Edexcel publish a list of exam centres that accept private candidates. This won’t cover every available centre, so if there’s nothing shown in your area, we recommend contacting local schools and colleges directly.

Your exam fees aren’t included in the course cost as they’re paid directly to the exam centre. They’ll vary depending on which centre you choose.

If you’d like to pay in full, you can enrol online using the ‘Add to Basket’ button at the top of the page.

If you’d like to set up an interest-free payment plan, get in touch with our GCSE Advisors on 0800 015 3326.

If you have any disabilities which you think might affect your studies or assessments, please tell your Course Advisor before you enrol so we can advise you on whether reasonable adjustments can be made to accommodate your needs.

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