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Study for a GCSE or IGCSE on your terms because unlike studying at school, you're in control of your timetable.  We have a range of GCSEs and IGCSEs across a growing variety of subjects including Mathematics and English Language that can help you to address gaps in your school education or take your attainment to the next level, including preparing you for College or University.

You will receive all the high quality online learning materials you need to study where and when you like so that you get the results you want to achieve your ambition.


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ICS Learn proved to be excellent value for money

I chose to do my GCSE Mathematics with ICS as they were competitively priced and offered a wide range of GCSEs and A Levels. I found my maths improved over the year and the knowledge I gained enabled me to move on to my chosen university course. ICS Learn proved to be excellent value for money and were very supportive in helping me get ready to embark upon my chosen career.
GCSE and IGCSE Reviewed by Joanne McGill - GCSE Maths on
Rating: 5