Prevent Policy



This policy is developed taking into consideration the Counter Terrorism and Security Act (July 2015, Part 5) The Prevent Duty is part of the governments CONTEST counter terrorism strategy:

  • Prevent terrorism: stop people becoming terrorists.
  • Pursue terrorism: disrupt and stop terror attacks.
  • Protect against terrorism: strengthen UK protection.
  • Prepare to deal with terrorism: mitigate impact of attacks that can’t be prevented.

This policy should be read alongside the ICS Learn Safeguarding Policy as part of a safeguarding framework.



For the purpose of this policy, a definition of extremism or radicalism is, “The vocal or active opposition to our fundamental values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and the mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. We also regard calls for the death of members of our armed forces as extremist.” (HM Government Prevent Strategy, 2011)

Prevent Strategy objectives are the following:

  • Ideology: respond to the ideological challenge of terrorism and any threat faced from individuals who promote this.
  • Individuals: prevent people from getting drawn into terrorism and make sure the correct advice and support are offered.
  • Institutions: work with any institutions which show risk of radicalisation which should be addressed.



  • To confirm all internal staff and assessors understand the risks of radicalisation within ICS Learn and that this can change.
  • To make sure all staff are aware of the Prevent Strategy and can protect learners who may be at risk of being radicalised or are vulnerable.
  • While considering the Prevent Strategy, ICS Learn is also committed to ensure equality and diversity is respected among learners.


Roles and Responsibilities

All Staff

  • Create and sustain an environment that upholds ICS Learns values regarding Prevent including British values, to maintain a community of equality, respect, diversity and inclusion.
  • Complete Prevent training to gain the skills to recognise learners who might be vulnerable to radicalisation, involved in extremism and to understand what the appropriate action to take is if they have any worries.
  • Report any worries regarding radicalisation or extremism via the designated ICS Learn Safeguarding Officers.
  • Report or remove any material on the ICS Learn online learning platform which may cause offense or encourage extremist views.
  • Support development of staff and learner understanding of the issues around extremism and radicalisation.
  • Participate in working with external organisations if it is appropriate.


Key Contacts

  • Lead Designated Safeguarding Officer: Dianne Paterson
  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer: Darren Dixon
  • Prevent Coordinator: Darren Dixon