Learner Recruitment and Enrolment

ICS Learn Learner Recruitment and Enrolment Policy


1. Introduction

ICS Learn strive to have a robust and easily navigated learner recruitment and enrolment process for all potential learners. The policy will adhere to our Quality Enhancement and Performance Framework in order to give our prospective learners a smooth and successful journey to being fully enrolled. Specifically, we aim to meet quality indicators 4 – 9 by making sure the enrolment process is fair, the information our dedicated course advisors provide is correct and ultimately we have the right learners on the right courses.

The Learner Recruitment and Enrolment policy will ensure that potential learners are aware of the process by which they can enrol on a course with ICS Learn. This policy will be applied across ICS Learn and we will adhere to the process set down to enable successful learner recruitment and enrolment. This will confirm that the highest standards of quality are constantly maintained at all times.

2. Scope

The Learner Recruitment and Enrolment Policy is applicable to all available courses from all Awarding Organisations and to all learners. It recognises that for some courses the recruitment process is also affected by the requirements of the various Awarding Organisations with which ICS Learn works.

This policy will provide information to learners and tutors about ICS Learns recruitment and enrolment process and how to become an online and distance learning learner.

3. Policy Statements

ICS Learn course advisors are supported by our marketing team to receive leads of prospective learners who have shown interest in our courses. The learner can also access the ICS Learn website to research courses and can request a PDF file about the course which contains detailed information for the potential learner.

At this point the course advisor will also be alerted to the learner and will contact them to discuss the course further and make sure the learner has all the necessary information about the course in order to make an informed decision. ICS Learn is committed to providing accurate and detailed information on our courses, their content, study support period, types of assessment and any associated fees or additional costs.

The enrolment takes place over the phone and is a quick and streamlined process. The course advisor discusses with the learner payment options for the course and the option of a payment plan. The course advisor ensures the information provided is very transparent and the learner fully understands the costs involved in their course.

Assessment of Additional Needs

During the recruitment and enrolment process the course advisor discusses in depth any special considerations with the potential learner. This platform allows prospective learners to discuss any disabilities they may have which would affect their studies. At this stage the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) can explain to the prospective learners how ICS Learn can support them in their studies to enable them to get the most out of their course.

We aim to create a culture of equality and diversity in our online community, where all learners are appreciated for their contribution and hard work.

5. Roles and Responsibilities

The marketing team takes on the role of analysing leads and feeding this information to the sales team in order to convert these leads. Also, the important role of promoting and advertising ICS Learn positively to prospective learners is taken on by our marketing team.

The course advisor team then contacts potential learners and informs the learner about the course of interest and answers any questions they may have. ICS Learn course advisors focus on a specific faculty which allows them to have a large amount of knowledge on the courses they are selling to enable them to answer any and all questions from the learner.

Quality Coordinators are responsible for carrying out a monthly enrolment monitoring process. This is to ensure that the course advisors are giving good quality and quantity of information to the potential learner about their chosen course.

Following the enrolment monitoring process, the learning development and training manager will organise any required training for the course advisors, updating them on any new information about the courses they are selling.

6. Glossary

Quality Enhancement and Performance Framework: The Framework defines all quality standards and expectations which the company intends to meet and fulfil within the learner journey. The Framework is used to define quality standards and benchmark our performance to it.

  1. Quality Expectation 4 – ‘Information produced for prospective learners regarding the learning opportunities is reliable, fit for purpose, accessible and trustworthy.’
  2. Quality Expectation 5 – ‘The process for application and admission to the programme of study is made clear to prospective learners.’
  3. Quality Expectation 6 – ‘Published information about the learning opportunities should help learners make an informed decision about the programme they wish to study and if e-learning is the best option for them.’
  4. Quality Expectation 7 – ‘Enrolment procedures are fair, transparent, reliable, valid and inclusive.’
  5. Quality Expectation 8 – ‘Information and guidance about course is correct and reliable.’
  6. Quality Expectation 9 – ‘Right people on the right courses.’