ICS Learn Certificate Policy


1. Introduction

ICS Learn is committed to ensuring that every learner who successfully meets all the requirements for the relevant qualification is issued with a certificate confirming their achievement from the relevant Awarding Organisation within the agreed timescale.

The certificate will state the name of the award or qualification, the classification of the award (where appropriate) and the learner’s name as recorded on our database. The application of this policy and the accompanying procedures aim to fulfil Expectation 26 of the ICS Learn Quality Enhancement and Performance Framework by ensuring that all learners who successfully complete their programme will receive their certificate of completion 6-8 weeks following the request being made.

2. Scope

This policy is applicable to all learners enrolled with ICS Learn on one or more of the programmes in our portfolio. It also applies to all members of staff and any external stakeholders who are involved in the recording of learner’s grades and other indicators of achievement as well as requesting the certificate upon the successful completion of the programme of study.

The Online Learning team who are responsible for ensuring that learner grades are captured and stored on the Online Student Community where assessments are mainly submitted, are also subject to the remit of this policy and accompanying documents.

3. Policy Statements

3.1 Every learner who successfully completes all the required units or modules within their programme of study is eligible to request a certificate of achievement as well as an academic transcript. The Certificate will provide evidence of attainment

that can be presented to public or professional bodies, service authorities, educational institutions and employers. The transcript document on the other hand will provide details of the individual units or modules studied as well as the grades or scores gained where applicable.

3.1.1 Learners who pass one or more modules or units on their programme of study, but don’t successfully complete all the modules, are also eligible to request unit certification for the modules or units they have completed.

3.1.2 Learners who require proof of their achievement can request a provisional transcript from ICS Learn while they are waiting for the delivery of their certificate from the relevant Awarding Organisation. This transcript document issued by ICS Learn will confirm which units or modules have been completed and what grades or scores were achieved as applicable.

3.1.3 Once a learner requests a certificate of completion and achievement and it is confirmed from our database or the Awarding Organisation database as applicable, that the learner has completed, a certificate must be requested and delivered to the learner within 16 weeks from the date of request.

3.1.4 The name that will appear on the certificate will be the name by which the learner is registered with ICS Learn which is also the name that will be registered with the relevant Awarding Organisation. If a learner changes their name before the end of their programme and wishes this to appear on their certificate, they must notify the Student Services team when they make the request for their certificate.

3.1.5 Only one original certificate will be issued to the learner for any award or qualification. Replacement certificates will be paid for by the learner who requires it with the exception of an error on the certificate caused by ICS Learn or the Awarding Organisation.

3.1.6 Learners who have successfully completed their programme of study and are eligible to request a certificate will not be able to do so if they have any outstanding debt in course fees owed to ICS Learn. Certificates will only be requested and delivered once any outstanding amounts owed have been paid in full. Any exceptions to this policy statement will be applied on a case by case basis.

Issue of Replacement Certificate or Transcript of Achievement

ICS Learn recognises 4 instances where it may be necessary to request and issue a replacement certificate:

  1. Where a certificate has been lost in transit or following receipt by the learner;
  2. Where a certificate has been damaged in transit or following receipt by a learner;
  3. Where the learner’s name has been spelt incorrectly or the learner changes their name at a later date;
  4. Where an incorrect grade or score has been recorded on the certificate or transcript.

Where a certificate has been lost or damaged prior to receipt by the learner, the learner’s name has been incorrectly spelt or a grade or score incorrectly recorded as an error on the part of ICS Learn or the relevant Awarding Organisation, a replacement will be requested and provided without charge. In all other cases, a fee will be applicable as advised when the learner contacts ICS Learn to request a replacement.

The procedure for requesting a replacement certificate or transcript is contained in the accompanying Certificate Procedure Document.

4. Roles and Responsibilities

The application of this policy and the accompanying procedures will be predominantly overseen by the Examinations Officer. The Student Services Team will be the first reference point for any learners requesting a certificate, transcript or any replacements. Their requests will then be forwarded to the Examinations officer to action.

5. Associated or Related Documents

This policy will be applied in conjunction with the accompanying Certificate Procedure as well as the ICS Learn Quality Enhancement and Performance Framework.

6. Glossary

Certificate: A certificate is an official document confirming that a learner has met the learning outcomes of a programme of study and has completed all the requirements for the award within the regulations.

Transcript: A transcript is a certified account of the learner’s complete academic record, showing modules or units completed, examinations passed, total credits achieved and grades awarded.

Awarding Organisation: An Awarding Organisation designs, develops, delivers and awards the recognition of learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and/or competencies) of an individual following an assessment and quality assurance process that is valued by employers, learners or stakeholders. Also known as “Awarding Body”.

Quality Enhancement and Performance Framework: The Framework defines all quality standards and expectations which the company intends to meet and fulfil within the learner journey. The Framework is used to define quality standards and benchmark our performance to it.

  1. Expectation 26 - Learners who achieve all the ILOs (intended learning outcomes) and successfully complete their programme of study, will receive their certificate of completion 6-8 weeks from when a certificate request is made.