ICS Learn How it Works Assignments

For the majority of courses, you'll need to complete a number of assignments as part of your coursework and forward these to your tutor. Unless stated otherwise, you will have to submit completed coursework online through your Student Community.

There are two types of assignments: tutor-marked assignments, which usually include essays or practical projects, and automated assignments, which include multiple-choice questions.

Assignments are a great way of checking your progress throughout your course, as your tutor will grade and comment on each one, letting you know exactly how you're doing at every step so you can improve as you go.

You can check the assignments required for a specific course on the course pages under "Assessment".

As always, your tutor will guide you through the process and make sure you are ready before completing an assignment.

You may also be required to take a final assessment at the end of each module, depending on the course you have chosen. This could take the form of coursework, a practical workshop or an exam.

We have given you more information about exams in the Exams section.

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