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Achieve an Essential Qualification


If you need to get that vital A Level to progress your education or you just want to learn more about a subject of interest, we have the widest range of school qualifications in UK distance learning.


We enable you to study for a GCSE, IGCSE or A Level on your own terms because unlike school or college, you're in control of where and when you learn.  You'll be given all the high-quality learning materials you need as well as expert tutor and fellow student support to get the results you want


It's no surprise then that 41% of UK adults would choose e- or distance learning if they were to study again.*


Click on the subjects of interest below to see the qualifications, prices and offers available:


You can also browse by level using the By Qualification menu above but if you're not sure where to start, why not look at our tips and guidance in our Prepare, Develop and Progress section.


You can also speak, webchat or email us for help and advice on choosing the rightqualification and subjects for you.


* ICS research commissioned by Atomik Research, August 2012.