CIPS Level 5 Advanced Diploma inProcurement and Supply

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Our CIPS Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply is an industry standard qualification which will build on the skills you've gained in both your purchasing career and on the CIPS Level 4 Diploma

It's ideal if you're a buyer or contract and supply chain manager - or if you aspire to hold those roles - and want the expertise to improve organisational procurement and play a major role in the success of any company.

The qualification is accredited by the Chartered Insititute of Procurement and Supply, the largest organisation in the world for procurement professionals, so it'll demonstrate to employers that you're abreast of the latest developments and have the most up-to-date skills in procurement. 

The course will cover cost reduction, quality improvement and timescale management, managing the supply chain, dealing with legal issues, and many other key skills that every procurement specialist should have. 

Completion of this course will allow you to easily fulfil your organisation's objectives by implementing your newly-honed skills.

You'll study five units on this course:

Management in Procurement and Supply

  1. This unit will allow you to understand different approaches to the management of individuals and groups or teams within organisations.
  2. In order to develop expertise in developing and fulfilling organizational and functional objectives in procurement and supply, it is essential that you gain a wider appreciation of theories and techniques that relate to managing the people involved with the procurement and supply function.

Managing Risks in Supply Chains

  1. This unit outlines the tools and techniques to establish the level of risk in supply chains, and will demonstrate and recommend the ways of avoiding, mitigating and managing the risks.
  2. The unit is also designed to enable you to undertake risk analysis, and apply a range of appropriate risk management tools and techniques within supply chains.

 Improving the Competitiveness of Supply Chains

  1. This unit will demonstrate how to assess a range of processes that help achieve improvements in business performance through its supply chain.
  2. It's designed to help you understand a range of techniques to improve the competitiveness of organisations in supply chains, and understand their dynamics.
  3. You'll also cover the methodologies that can be implemented to improve supply chains.

Category Management in Procurement and Supply

  1. On completion of this unit, you'll be able to develop plans to improve competitiveness by the application of systematic approaches to the management of both direct and indirect organizational expenditure.
  2. The unit focuses on the different approaches and methodologies for strategic sourcing and category management, demonstrating the role of the procurement and supply chain specialist in leading these approaches.

Sustainability in Supply Chains

  1. In this final unit, you'll learn about different approaches that can help achieve sustainability.
  2. The unit will explore the concept and initiatives in sustainability which includes aspects of corporate social responsibility.
  3. This section will also cover the impact on communities and society, environmental aspects of sourcing, ethical trading, and working standards. The alignment of sustainable goals within supply chains has both global and local dimensions and is a developing area for organizational commitment, procedures, systems and practice.

You must have achieved the CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement & Supply to enrol on this course. If you don't have that yet, we offer the Level 4 CIPS qualification.

The course is ideal for those in roles such as:

  1. Buyer
  2. Procurement/purchasing executive
  3. Procurement specialist
  4. Contract officer
  5. Supply chain/inventory/logistics analyst
  6. Supply chain/inventory/logistics planner

It'll allow you to improve purchasing logistics in your organisation and excel in more senior managerial procurement roles. You'll also be able to apply for the many jobs which require candidates to have, or be working towards, a CIPS qualification.

If you have any disabilities which you believe may impact your studies or assessments, please inform your Course Advisor before enrolment so that we can advise you on whether reasonable adjustments can be made to accommodate your needs.

Challenging economic times and growing corporate social responsibility are making the role of buyer pivotal in every business. This means that opportunities and salaries for skilled senior buyers are outstripping those of many other professions.

With an advanced qualification from the leading industry body, you could have a highly lucrative career in purchasing and supply. Jobs you could potentially hold at this level of study include:

  1. Senior buyer
  2. Senior purchasing or procurement manager
  3. Head of commercial
  4. Supply chain manager
  5. Head of logistics/transport
  6. Operations manager

Once you've completed the CIPS Advanced Diploma, you could move on to the CIPS Professional Diploma. This is the final level of CIPS qualifications and is aimed at senior procurement professionals and heads of department. 

Once you've completed this and gained 3 years experience in a position of responsibility within purchasing and supply, you'll be awarded MCIPS status.

We believe in making learning accessible and affordable for all, so you'll have the option to pay for your course through an interest-free payment plan. You'll be able to get started right away with a small deposit and pay the rest by monthly direct debit. Our plans are flexible, so you can pay your balance off sooner if you choose.

If your company will fund your course, we can help you arrange this.

Speak to our course advisors for more information on our payment plans.

Extensive Resources

Once you enrol, you’ll have access to our Student Community, which will allow you to see your course materials, contact your tutor, submit your assignments and connect with your fellow students. 

Your course materials have been specially designed for online learning by experts in the field. You'll work through step-by-step units so you can easily keep track of your progress.

You'll have the opportunity to join a live induction webinar when you start your course. It's designed to help you navigate your way around the student community, to offer you help and support, and most importantly to give you a warm and friendly welcome to ICS Learn. We usually hold one a week, and you can attend any one that suits you.

You’ll have access to a huge range of resources that will aid your studies, including:

  1. Interactive Resources
  2. Progress Checks
  3. Peer Discussions
  4. Personal Journal
  5. Awarding Body Resources

Unlimited Support

You’ll be assigned an expert academic tutor who'll be with you from enrolment to graduation. Their support is unlimited and you can contact them by phone or via the Student Community. They’ll answer any questions you have about coursework, study materials, and assessments, and help you work through any part of the course you’re stuck with.

They’ll also give you test papers and mock exams to ensure you’re ready to pass your exams. All your papers will be given constructive feedback so you know exactly what your strengths are and what you can improve.

Our dedicated student support team will be on hand to assist you with administrative tasks, using the Student Community, and any other non-academic queries you may have.

During your course, you'll complete 4 test papers and an external final exam for each of the five units you'll study.

The test papers won't count towards your final grade and will be submitted to your tutor for marking. They're there so that you and your tutor can keep track of your progress and identify where you're doing well and where you could improve. 

The final exams set by CIPS are as follows:

Management in Procurement and Supply

  1. You'll read an unseen case study of around 500 words, then answer four questions based on it, each work 25 marks.

Managing Risks in Supply Chains

  1. You'll read an unseen case study of around 500 words, then answer four questions based on it, each work 25 marks.

Improving the Competitiveness of Supply Chains

  1. You'll read a case study which you'll have been given a month before the exam, then answer four questions based on it, each worth 25 marks.

 Category Management in Procurement and Supply

  1. You'll answer four questions, each work 25 marks.

Sustainability in Supply Chains

  1. You'll answer four questions, each work 25 marks. 

Exams are set by CIPS and take place in the UK five times a year:

  1. January*
  2. March*
  3. May
  4. July*
  5. November

*Only selected exams are available during the January/March/July sessions. All exams can be taken during the May and November sessions.

You'll sit them at an exam centre and you can sit as many exams as you want in one session. However, exam weeks vary so you should check that no exams overlap. It's generally best to spread out your five exams between the five sessions.

Please note that as exams are set by CIPS, their format may change. The details here are intended only as a guide. You can find out more about your exams on the CIPS website.

There are CIPS membership, administration and exam fees that are additional to your course fee:

  1. CIPS UK annual Student membership fee: £180 for new members, £130 renewal
  2. UK exam fees: £121 per exam (five in total)

These fees are set by CIPS and change at least annually.