Karl Christie


With over 17 years’ experience within the fitness industry, in personal training, coaching and teaching, my expertise is very diverse and broad ranging.

I am a graduate of the University of Teesside and the University of Northumbria, having spent time during my clinical training and placements working with professional sports teams and individuals from all walks of life. Being an avid learner in the areas of health, fitness and nutrition has led to numerous and on-going professional certifications and training.

I am also a keen writer and have written many articles and training manuals, which have helped my clients and students understand concepts more easily. 

Being a tutor to a group of motivated students who are determined to make a solid career within the fitness industry is both rewarding and challenging. I believe my experience, integrity and professionalism allows me to pass on this knowledge, and it's great to see how effective and confident students are when graduating from their course.

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