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In the IGCSE Business Studies online course you'll learn what makes a business work.

You'll discover the issues that need to be considered when setting up a business, and the roles that marketing, human resources and financial planning play in its initial success.

In addition, you'll learn about the day to day operations of business and explore the techniques and methods available for successful management.

As you progress through the business basics, you'll use the terminology, concepts and methods of business effectively and be able to recognise the strengths and limitations of these ideas. You'll be able to appreciate the range of different stakeholder perspectives in relation to business activities.

Throughout the IGCSE Business course, you'll use a critical approach to distinguish between facts and opinion. You'll evaluate qualitative and quantitative data to help build arguments and make informed judgements.

By the end of the course, you'll have firm grasp of how businesses function and become successful. These fundamentals are essential for anyone considering a career in business.

The Business Studies IGCSE course is designed to prepare you for the Edexcel IGCSE Business Studies (4BS0 specification) exams that take place in June every year.

You'll learn about:

Business Activity and the Changing Environment

  1. This unit covers the various objectives of a business, changing business environments and criteria for judging success. 
  2. The focus is on the importance of having clear business objectives and how the business environment provides opportunities for, and imposes constraints upon, the pursuit of these objectives.

Human Resources

  1. This unit looks at people in organisations, focusing on their roles, relationships and management in business. 
  2. You'll focus on the importance of internal organisation and understand the functions of key departments, analysing their relationships and interdependence.
  3. The focus will also be on understanding the roles and responsibilities of employees in terms of compliance and accountability.

Accounting and Finance

  1. This unit explores the use of accounting and financial information as an aid to decision making. 
  2. The focus is on understanding the main types of internal and external sources of finance for business organisations and the factors which influence the decision to use a particular source of finance in a given situation. 
  3. You'll be able to understand the purpose and content of the trading account, the profit and loss account and the balance sheet, and how the financial information they provide can be used to assess business performance.


  1. This unit focuses on identifying and satisfying customer needs in a changing and competitive international environment. 
  2. The focus will be on understanding the terms: market, market orientation, product orientation, marketing, market segments, market share and market research, and analysis of the role that each plays in the identification and satisfaction of customer needs in a changing and competitive market.
  3. The unit will also cover the main elements of the marketing mix and how they combine to satisfy customer needs in a changing and competitive environment.


  1. This unit examines the way organisations use and manage resources to produce goods and services. 
  2. The focus of the unit is on understanding how production, cost and decision making are related. 
  3. The unit will also cover areas such as economies of scale, methods of production, productivity and quality. 
  4. By the end of the unit you will be able to understand the term productivity and the methods and technology which can be used to increase it.

The IGCSE Business course is perfect if you're looking to fill gaps in your school education or prepare for college or university. It's also a suitable foundation if you're thinking about studying Business or business-related subjects at a higher level, or if you're an aspiring entrepreneur.

You don't need any previous experience or qualifications to enrol in our IGCSE Business Studies course. That's because we believe in making home study - and a rewarding future - as accessible as possible.

An IGCSE in Business Studies will give you vital skills that can lead onto A Level and further study in a variety of fields. Continuing your study of business to a higher level could help you land a well-paying corporate job or become an entrepreneur. 

You'll find your IGCSE Business Studies will demonstrate to employers that you have business acumen, the ability to commit to learning, and good reasoning and analytical skills - essential in practically every walk of life.

If you're aiming to attend university, you'll likely continue your study with A Levels. If you have a specific course in mind, you should contact the institution directly to find out their entry requirements.

You could also do an apprenticeship, or take a vocational course related to a specific job or sector such as an NVQ or BTEC.

You can either pay for your course in full or opt for an interest-free payment plan. You'll pay a small deposit and the rest by monthly direct debit. Our plans are flexible, so you can extend the terms or pay your balance off sooner if you choose.

Speak to our course advisors for more information on our payment plans.

Extensive Resources

Once you enrol, you’ll have access to our Student Community, which will allow you to see your course materials, contact your tutor, submit your assignments and connect with your fellow students. 

Your course materials have been specially designed for online learning by experts in the field. You'll work through step-by-step modules so you can easily keep track of your progress.

You'll have the opportunity to join a live induction webinar when you start your course. It's designed to help you navigate your way around the student community, to offer you help and support, and most importantly to give you a warm and friendly welcome to ICS Learn. We usually hold one a week, and you can attend any one that suits you.

You’ll have access to a huge range of resources that will aid your studies, including:

  1. Interactive Quizzes
  2. Progress Checks
  3. Peer Discussions
  4. Personal Journal
  5. Awarding Body Resources

Unlimited Support

You’ll be assigned an expert academic tutor who'll be with you from enrolment to graduation. Their support is unlimited and you can contact them by phone, email or via the Student Community. They’ll answer any questions you have about coursework, study materials, assessments and exams, and help you work through any part of the course you’re stuck with.

They’ll also give you test papers and mock exams to ensure you’re ready to pass your exams. All your papers will be marked and given constructive feedback so you know exactly what your strengths are and what you can improve.

Our dedicated student support team will be on hand to assist you with administrative tasks, using the Student Community, and any other non-academic queries you may have.

Practice Test Papers

You'll submit five test papers to your tutor throughout the course. They'll be marked and given constructive feedback so you know exactly where your strengths are and what you need to work on. This also means your tutor can keep track of your progress and understanding.

Final Exams

Exams are held every June, and are set nationally by Edexcel.

The IGCSE Business Studies exam consists of one 2-hour written paper divided into two sections. You'll answer a variety of questions based on a business-related context that'll be given at the start of each section. The context is given to 'set the scene', and relevant data and contextual information will be repeated within the questions when required.

  1. Section A will consist of questions targeted mainly or exclusively at knowledge, understanding and application.
  2. Section B will consist of questions targeted mainly or exclusively at selection, analysis and evaluation.

Questions can be in a variety of forms, such as short answer, structured, data response and open-ended. Questions in both sections will be drawn from all areas of the subject content.

Please note that you're responsible for making your own exam arrangements. We'll remind you when it's time to do this, and give you all the information you need to find a suitable exam centre. You'll need to pay a fee to the centre.

Find out more about arranging your exams here, or speak to one of our course advisors.

Exam fees aren't included in your course fees, as they'll be paid directly to the exam centre. The cost will vary depending on the centre you choose, with private schools and colleges being more expensive than state schools. 

Find out more about arranging your exams here, or speak to one of our course advisors. We're happy to help!

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