BTEC Engineering Qualifications


Our BTEC Construction Engineering course leads to an accredited work-related qualification built to accommodate the needs of employers. It furthermore enables students to progress their career further in the field of Engineering.

First introduced in 1984, BTEC courses used to be awarded by the 'Business and Technology Education Council' but are nowadays accredited by the Edexcel exam board. 

Our BTEC Construction Engineering course provides the theory needed to advance your career in Engineering.

The BTEC Construction Engineering course is assessed by assignments which are marked by your tutor and can be externally verified by Edexcel before you receive your results.


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The courses are fantastic and are laid out in a way that is easy to follow. When I was confused or I didn't quite understand something the tutors and student support teams were always helpful and didn't mind answering any of my queries, no matter how small. By learning from home I've also saved money on the inconvenient costs of going to college, such as travel or child care, and I can spend even more quality time with my child.
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