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The A Level Psychology online course covers a broad range of subjects, including social and cognitive psychology, child development, and the psychology that lies behind atypical behaviour. You'll gain an understanding of why people develop differently and of the causes of conditions such as autism and anxiety disorders.

As you study our online learning course you will gain an understanding of the main issues that arise from various psychological methods, and look at the ways in which psychology can be applied.

You will learn to conduct effective research and how to interpret the results, how to use statistics effectively and deal with ethical issues.

As you discover how others think, you'll also be gaining an insight into your own psyche and behavioural traits, which is a valuable asset in both your personal and working life.

The final exam for this specification will be in Summer 2016 

Course Content

This course prepares students for the AQA Psychology A Level syllabus B (2185), for examinations in June 2014 and later years. For examination details see Assessment under the Course Overview section.

There are four units in the A Level Pyschology course.

AS Units

  • Unit 1 - Introducing Psychology
  • Unit 2 - Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and Individual Differences

A2 Units

  • Unit 3 - Child Development and Applied Options
  • Unit 4 - Approaches, Debates and Methods in Psychology

Unit 1 - Introducing Psychology

a) Approaches

  • Key Approaches in Psychology
  • Biopsychology - Physiological Psychology and The Genetic Basis of Behaviour

b) Gender Development

  • Gender Development - Concepts and Explaining Gender Development

c) Research Methods

  • Methods of Research - Planning Research, Experimental Methods and Non-experimental Methods
  • Representing Data and Descriptive Statistics - Representing Data and Descriptive Data
  • Ethics

Unit 2 - Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and Individual Differences

a)Social Psychology

  • Social Influences
  • Social Cognition

b) Cognitive Psychology

  • Remembering and Forgetting
  • Perceptual Processes

c) Individual Differences

  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Autism

Unit 3 - Child Development and Applied Options

a) Child Development

  • Social Development - Early relationships and Later Relationships
  • Cognitive Development - Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development and Alternative Approaches to Children's Cognition
  • Moral development - Piaget and Kohlberg and Alternatives to Piaget and Kohlberg

b) Applied Options

  • Cognition and Law - Recognising and Rembering Faces and Recalling Events
  • Schizophrenia and Mood Disorders - Mood Disorders
  • Stress and Stress Management - Stress and Illness and Stress Management

Unit 4 - Approaches, Debates and Methods in Psychology

a) Approaches in Psychology

  • Biological Approach, Behaviourist Approach, Social Learning Theory, Cognitive Approach, Psychodynamic Approach, Humanistic Approach and Comparison of Approaches

b) Debates in Psychology

  • Debates in Psychology

c) Methods in Psychology

  • Inferential Statistics - Statistical Inference and Statistical Tests
  • Issues in Research

Entry Requirements

You don't need any previous experience or qualifications to enrol in our A Level Psychology course. That's because we believe in making home study - and a rewarding future - as accessible as possible. 

Where will I go from here?

An A Level in Psychology can lead to university studies and a career in psychology, plus a wide variety of careers that involve personal interaction or communication, such as marketing, health care and personnel management. If you want to enter or progress in employment, you'll find your A Level Psychology will demonstrate to employers that you have the ability to commit to learning, and have acquired good reasoning and analytical skills and an understanding of people - essential in practically every walk of life.

What will I gain?

This course will prepare you to sit the A Level Psychology exams.


ICS Learn Assessment

There are test papers within your study materials which you should complete, however these do not count towards your final exam grade.

External Assessment

Examinations are held every June.

You will complete four written exams for your A Level Psychology.

  • Unit 1 - PSYB1:   1 hour 30 mins - Externally assessed examination consisting of three compulsory questions
  • Unit 2 - PSYB2:   1 hour 30 mins - Externally assessed examination consisting of three compulsory questions
  • Unit 3 - PSYB3:   2 hours - Externally assessed examination consisting of three compulsory questions
  • Unit 4 - PSYB4: 2 hours -  Externally assessed examination consisting of three compulsory questions

Important Exam Information

Please note that you are responsible for making your own exam arrangements. You will have to pay an examination fee as well as a centre fee which will vary depending on exam centre.

Find out more information about arranging your examinations.

What will I get?

Because we're experts in home learning, We offer all the support you need along the way.

You'll gain access to our study materials via our online Student Community. These materials have been specially designed for distance learning by experts in your chosen field. There are no essential textbooks but it is recommended that you purchase the following:

  • AQA Psychology B AS: Student's Book by Mark Billingham, Sarah Ladbrook, Sue Standring, and Regina Teahan
  • AQA A2 Psychology B Student's book by Mark Billingham, Kevin Brewer, Sarah Ladbrook, and David Messer

You'll have access to an experienced personal tutor both online and over the phone, ready to help you with guidance and motivation.

Being part of our online Student Community, means you will also have access to library materials and your account information, as well as vital links with your fellow students, with the chance to discuss your work and ask questions.

Payment Options

You can either pay for your course in full or opt for a monthly payment plan.

Speak to one of our course advisors now for payment plans.

Additional fees

Centre exam and registration fees are additional to your course fees and these costs may vary according to the exam centre you use.

Find out more information about arranging your examinations.

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  • Hours of Study 360 hours
  • Course Code H12
  • Study Period 12 months
  • Support Period 12 months

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