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The A Level History course unveils a fascinating treasure trove of characters, ideas and events. This online history course takes you through 300 years of European history, looking at the rise and fall of empires, and the rivalries, alliances and popular movements that shaped the Europe we know today.

In this A Level History course you will look into the past to learn about the people and events which made Europe what it is today.

You'll start with Tsarist Russia, and examine the conditions that led to revolution of 1917 and social change. Then, you'll look at the changes in the balance of power in Europe, the emergence of mighty empires and their eventual downfall, and the origin of the First World War.

Closer to home, the History A Level course will see you study Britain's policy of appeasement in the years before the Second World War, and closely examine the roles of the monarchy and the state in eighteenth century Britain.

Through your history study you'll gain an understanding of change over time and acquire a strong sense of historical perspective, detecting changes and continuities in the sweep of history.

Course Content

This course prepares candidates for the AQA History A Level syllabus (2040), for examinations in June 2015 and later years. 

The A Level History syllabus covers four units:

Unit 1 - Tsarist Russia, 1855-1917

  • Reform and reaction, 1855-1881
  • Political reaction: social and economic change, 1881-1904
  • Russia in revolution, 1904-1906
  • The Tsarist regime, 1906-1914
  • The First World War and the revolutions of 1917

Unit 2 - Britain and Appeasement, 1919-1940

  • Post-war attitudes towards the peace settlement
  • Challenges to international peace, 1931-1935
  • The National Government and appeasement, 1935-1937
  • Neville Chamberlain and appeasement, 1937-1940

Unit 3: Stability and War: British Monarchy and State, 1714-1770

  • The Establishment of the Hanoverian Dynasty, 1714-1721
  • The Age of Walpole, 1721-1742
  • The Later Years of George II, 1742-1760
  • The Early Years of George III, 1760-1770

Unit 4 - The Changing Balance of Power in Europe, 1815-1918

  • The changing European order after 1815
  • Diplomacy and the 'Concert of Europe'
  • The theory of 'Balance of Power'
  • The conflict between liberalism and autocracy
  • Economic development and state power
  • Nationalism and nation-building
  • The emergence of Prussia
  • Alliances and rivalries: territorial, national and religious conflict Europe and the origins of the First World War
  • The collapse of the Hapsburg, German, and Russian Empires

Entry Requirements

You don't need any previous experience or qualifications to enrol in our A Level History course. That's because we believe in making home study - and a rewarding future - as accessible as possible. However, completion of GCSE History is advised.

Where will I go from here?

An A Level in History can be the stepping stone to a career or further studies in history, perhaps a university degree. If you wish to enter or progress in employment, you'll find your History A Level will demonstrate to employers that you have the ability to commit to learning, and have acquired good reasoning and analytical skills and an ability to absorb and understand facts - essential in practically every walk of life.

What will I gain?

This course will prepare you to sit the A Level History exams.


There are four seperate assessments for the AQA History A Level syllabus (2040), for examinations in June 2015 and later years. 

  • Unit 1: 1 hour 15 mins written examination
  • Unit 2: 1 hour 30 mins written examination
  • Unit 3: 1 hour 30 mins written examination
  • Unit 4: Coursework unit - approx. 3,500 words on analysis of an historical issue.

Please note that you are responsible for making your own exam arrangements. You will have to pay an examination fee as well as a centre fee which will vary depending on exam centre.

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What will I get?

Because we're experts in home learning, ICS knows about and offers all the support you need along the way.

You'll receive study materials that have been specially designed for distance learning by experts in your chosen field.

You'll have access to an experienced personal tutor both online and over the phone, ready to help you with guidance and motivation.

You'll also be part of the ICS Online Student Community, where you'll have access to library materials and your account information, as well as vital links with your fellow students, with the chance to discuss your work, ask questions and make new friends.

Payment Options

You can either pay for your course in full or opt for a monthly payment plan.

Speak to one of our course advisors now for payment plans.

Additional fees

Centre exam and registration fees are additional to your course fees and these costs may vary according to the exam centre you use.

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