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ICS Real Stories: Rachael | Online CIM Marketing Course Review

Rachael McQuade

CIM Marketing Level 4

Online Digital Marketing student Rachael McQuade reviews her journey to getting qualified with our CIM Level 4 Professional Marketing Certificate.

I didn’t go to university as I couldn’t find a course that I loved enough to dedicate three years away from home to.

When I joined the workforce and discovered that it’s not all about qualifications it was a massive weight off my shoulders. However, working in a leading private hospital in London, there are some things that you can’t just learn on your own.

One of my colleagues told me about CIM and how they were the best of the best when it came to marketing qualifications and teaching.

I did some research into them and discovered that I could train with CIM and ICS Learn without ever having to step foot into a classroom or read from one thousand text books.

When I joined the course and signed up to ICS Learn I was pleasantly surprised at the resources and online capabilities they had to allow me to learn whenever I wanted, wherever I wanted.

Being able to log on in my lunch break and run through a few slides on a PowerPoint or go home in the evenings and revise for my exams whilst in the comfort of my own home has been such a revelation for me!

It really makes you feel like the qualification is made for you. ICS Learn gave me a CIM tutor who is available online throughout the day so that I can ask any questions I need to or get advice on my assignments and exam prep.

Since I started my qualification almost one year ago, I have received a promotion at work, taken on more executive responsibilities and really feel like I’m headed somewhere with my career in marketing.

Although I have learnt so much whilst being at work and surrounded by like-minded peers, it is the most well-rounded experience to be able to gain a highly credible qualification at the same time and being able to draw on real-life work experiences to aid the theories I am learning in my CIM qualification.

Once I have finished my Level 4 Certificate, I am planning on giving myself a few months rest before undertaking my CIM Level 6 Diploma which is the equivalent to a university degree.

I am so glad I have found a way of gaining the qualifications I need to progress in my career and continue my education into adult life, without being hindered by classroom schedules and boring lectures!

Thank you to everyone at ICS Learn and CIM who has helped me reach my full potential and bring me to the place I am now.

I would recommend (and have recommended) this course to anyone who wishes to learn the theories behind marketing and communications.

I would most definitely recommend ICS Learn to anyone who wishes to extend their education, learn something new or progress in their career without having to step out of work or give up all of their time.


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