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ICS Real Stories: Oeiisha | Online AAT Accounting Review

Oeiisha Smart

AAT Level 2 & 3

Our dedicated student Oeiisha Smart reviews her journey to getting AAT qualified with our online AAT Foundation Certificate and Advanced Diploma in Accounting combined course.


I always enjoyed working with numbers and problem solving at school, but didn’t sit the higher GCSE paper and felt like I could not go much further in Maths with a B.

After leaving school I saw a poster advertising AAT courses, but still didn't feel confident enough to go for it.

Over the years I saw AAT adverts and posters, which stuck with me, but I chose a career in primary education.

In 2015 I was made redundant and saw a business school promoting AAT courses. I felt like this was a sign and began my journey.

I completed Level 1 (recommended by the course provider) and completed my first module before stopping to have a baby.

When enquiring about distance learning options, they said that they could not offer this service.

I did not want to stop studying, but with a 4-month-old and an older child in school it was not practical for me to go to college part time.

I remembered seeing ICS Learn adverts over the years, so enquired about courses. They were very helpful on the phone with regards to me already completing a module and were competitively priced, offering joint packages and a realistic timescale to complete them.

I signed up for the joint Level 2 & 3 (Foundation & Advanced) package.

It was such a relief to know that I could study as and when I could find an hour or so, and have a break when I had too much on. I also liked the flexibility of booking and sitting exams when and where I choose.

I have now completed Level 2, am part way through Level 3 and I am still as enthusiastic as when I began.

I have enjoyed studying with ICS Learn because as well as practice questions throughout the chapters, there are also online questions. It also has appropriately placed links to the resources on the AAT website, offering well-rounded learning.

All of the textbooks (Osbourne and Kaplan) are easy to read and understand, with the questions confirming my understanding.

I have not had much need for tutor support, but there has always been a timely response to my queries.

I now tend to study evenings and weekends, when the children have gone to bed. Sometimes I manage to steal an hour or so during the day.

If I find a section difficult, or I can't get my head around it I sometimes need motivating to pick it back up again, but I always have my end goal in sight.

This journey has taught me that it's not too late to follow your dreams and change career. Or at the very least, give it a try! Good luck on your journey.


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