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ICS Real Stories: Nikki | CIPD Level 3 Review

Nikki Long

CIPD Level 3

A career in HR had long been a goal for Nikki. After being made redundant from her job, she undertook a CIPD Level 3 Diploma to make this dream a reality.

After recently being made redundant after many years working in hospitality management around the world, I signed up to start the CIPD Level 3 course to give some strength and credibility to my people management skills learned on the job. 

After coming to terms with the unexpected loss of what I thought was a secure job, this felt like the perfect opportunity to regroup on my long-term plan to move into HR.

I contacted several course providers, however ICS Learn offered support from tutors with a wealth of experience.

Other course providers did not offer upfront information about how support would be given and by whom. ICS Learn proudly promoted their tutors and high levels of expertise. This gave me confidence that I would be in good hands.

I have never studied online before, so I felt incredibly overwhelmed initially. Self-doubt kicked in and I started to think that I just stick to what I know.

I attended the live welcome webinar and that helped in familiarising me with the learning platform.

I felt so motivated, so I jumped straight into my first module the same day.

Now, working towards my second module, I feel confident in the content, the tools and most importantly, asking for help from my tutor and student services when needed, regardless of how small the question.

Just 1 month after enrolling with ICS Learn for my CIPD course, I landed my first HR role and am over the moon!

My HR role is in a steel manufacturing company. This is a very different industry to the world of luxury hotels and spas I’ve been accustomed to. However, the course content is so comprehensible and versatile, it has given me confidence to step straight into the role and hit the ground running.  

With over 20 years of hospitality experience, a career change was an unnerving thought, however the support given by my tutor has been amazing and reminds me daily that I've made the right move into what will hopefully be a successful career as I progress though further CIPD courses in the future.

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