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ICS Real Stories: Meet Terry | Online AAT Accounting Review

Terry Couzens

AAT Level 3 & 4

Our fantastic student Terry Couzens reviews his journey to getting AAT qualified with our online AAT Advanced and Professional Diploma in Accounting Combined Course.

I am currently in the first stages of my AAT Advanced (Level 3) Accounting course with ICS Learn, having taken something of a career change last year.

I was 35 back then and had had nothing but a steady stream of admin jobs since graduating with a degree in sports and business ten years previously. Although I’d been happy enough in these jobs, they never really presented a real daily challenge, something that made me wake up in the morning and feel my adrenaline surge and not be able to wait to get to work and start the day.

I was at the time (and still am to this day) working for an engineering firm, helping to prepare expressions of interest and tenders for projects overseas. 

Although the projects themselves were interesting, I started to feel stale, like there was no real chance of progressing my career - a career I wasn’t even sure I liked as I’d become an administrator almost by default rather than aspiring to be one.

That all changed when I had a passing chat with the company financial director who advised that there may be a position coming up in the accounts department. I asked whether I would be considered for it and to cut a long story short I got the job.

Thanks to the guidance of my new team and the generosity of my supervisors who offered to fund my studies, I set about finding a suitable learning organisation who would offer me the same level of advice and support.

Rather unanimously they all recommended ICS Learn and I can’t begin to express how thankful I am that they did.

They have been fantastic in every facet, from support to providing the most incredible source material needed to make my studies easier and help me succeed.

The content is easy to access and follow and as it's online I can study at a pace that is easy to fit in whilst at work. The modules are such that every little thing can be linked to my everyday duties, it just marries beautifully.

In fact, one of my colleagues who has already passed Advanced and Professional Level with another company has repeatedly stated that he wished he’d done his own learning via ICS Learn.

When I was younger I was a bit of a sportsman and focused all my energies into that field, often at the expense of academia - and often to ridicule amongst friends and family who believed I should’ve put as much energy into my GCSEs as I did into sports!

Even so, I took the AAT Skillcheck on the AAT website which advised that I should start my studies at Advanced Level (Level 3).

The real shock to me is that I’ve actually learned to love accountancy, a statement that would put my 16-year-old self on the floor in fits of laughter.

Without wishing to sound too dramatic (again my 16-year-old self would give me a slap for daring to), my employer gave me the chance to change my career and ICS Learn have given me the tools to do it successfully and at a pace that suits me as an individual.

As soon as I have completed the courses I will one hundred percent be looking at other ways I can advance my career through ICS Learn.

I mean, once you’ve found the best, why look elsewhere?


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