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ICS Real Stories: Meet Ruby | Online CIPD Level 5 Review

Ruby Lawrence

CIPD Level 5

Our fantastic student Ruby Lawrence reviews her journey to getting CIPD qualified with our online CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Human Resource Management.

I am currently working as an Executive Assistant to the CEO of a small financial services organisation. My job is really varied, and as the organisation is still relatively small we only have a part time HR Manager so I complete a lot of the HR Administration.

As I have been taking on more HR tasks and responsibilities, I started to look into what qualifications I could complete to enhance my career options within HR.

After doing some research, completing the Intermediate Diploma in Human Resource Management seemed like a really good way to enhance my knowledge and provide me with a professionally recognised qualification and CIPD membership.

I found the ICS Learn website and registered my interest in the Diploma and requested a brochure. I instantly received an email to my inbox with the brochure and the next day was contacted by one of ICS Learn’s lovely sales representatives.

The sales representative was really helpful and not at all pushy (like some of the other learning providers were!) – he understood that I needed time to think about the course and consider the payment options.

The main reason I decided to enroll with ICS Learn was the flexibility offered – I am not tied down to attending physical lessons and I am able to work at my own pace at times that suit me.

If I am having a really busy week or am away on holiday I can just pause my studies and pick up where I left off on my return.

On the other hand, I can also complete work really quickly when I have time to do so – I managed to complete one of the modules in a week!

In my experience, the tutors are really quick to mark work and answer any questions or queries.

As well as the flexibility of the learning, the payment options were equally as attractive. As I have self-funded the course, I was unable to pay the whole cost of the course upfront. Instead, I paid a deposit and have been paying in monthly installments, which has really helped financially.

It can be tricky balancing work, social life, studies and time to relax. My approach so far has been to do little and often when reading through the course materials, and then dedicating one day at the weekend to write the module assignment.

Although it does take up a large section of my free time, the course content is really interesting and it is so rewarding seeing the progress I am making. I am already finding myself referring back to things I have learnt in real life work situations!

I started the Diploma in mid October and I am currently about half way through – I hope to finish by the summer and then I will focus on searching for a new role to progress my career in HR.

I am already thinking about completing the Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Management, and if I do, I will definitely complete it with ICS Learn.


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