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ICS Real Stories: Meet Klaudia Czechowicz | Online CIPD Level 7 Review

Klaudia Czechowicz

CIPD Level 7

Our amazing student Klaudia Czechowicz reviews her journey to becoming an HR Business Partner with our online CIPD Level 7 Diploma in HR Management course.

I came to UK from Poland exactly 10 years ago. I always wanted to study here at Uni, learn the language and get a good career somewhere close to London.

Here I am 10 years later with my BA degree from London University. I went onto to study Career Advice and became Level 4 Diploma qualified Career Advisor. After that, I took interest in HR and did my Level 3 Certificate in CIPD.

One year ago I knew I needed something bigger, a better diploma, something that would speak on my behalf when I send my CV through to employers.

I was sitting reading newspapers and online forums and realised that the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma sounded like the key to my bright future.

I decided to enrol on the course but due to my busy schedule I could not go to college or attend evening or weekend classes. I have a lot of commitments outside work and I was worried there was no way I could achieve my dream of studying Level 7 CIPD.

Then I heard of a distance learning provider, ICS Learn. The Course Advisors were very patient and helpful. Not pushy or anything, they really wanted me to make sure I could accommodate the studies in my life alongside my other responsibilities.

I enrolled and the journey began. It wasn't easy. I am now 30 and life is busy, work is stressful and finding time to study seems to be complicated.

However, you have your tutors who will make sure you stay on top of your studies, they will encourage you and usually answer any of your queries within 24 hours so your motivation levels stay high.

In addition to that, there is an online chat option on their website, so whenever in doubt you can contact the advisor and they put you in touch with your tutor or answer your questions there and then.

It all seems to be working smoothly and because it is all moving forward I really want to keep it going. I booked myself on the exams in May and cannot wait.

There’s still a lot of work ahead of me but I know I am not alone and whenever I have a spare minute I try to Google stuff and learn. Train journeys, the daily commute to work or weekends are perfect opportunities to learn... even if for only 10 minutes, you get to learn something new and you gain a lot more confidence.

There are webinars you can take part in which makes you a part of the whole community. You can network with other people, find out how they are doing, what they struggle with etc.

It is all very exciting and although it is not easy it is doable. I encourage everyone to continue their studies as there is so much to learn. Distance learning gives you the freedom of completing your assignments and preparing for exams in your own time. You learn how to manage your time, prioritise tasks and become more confident about the planning of your career.

Update: One Year Later

I completed my Level 7 in December - success story! The biggest challenge was preparation for the exams but I passed them both in May and couldn't be happier.

Update 2: Promotion!

Shortly after getting my CIPD Level 7 Diploma, I got an interview for an HR Business Partner role within my company and secured the role. I have been an HRBP for 10 months now and have never been happier!

I know it is just a beginning of my career in HR and nothing can stop me now so I am looking forward to future challenges as well as further promotions!

I have to admit that getting my Diploma was one of the biggest achievements of my working life so far and it definitely helped me progress myself.

My managers as well as colleagues recognised the calibre of the qualification as well as the amount of work that went into it, and I think I became a much more confident professional as a result.

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