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ICS Real Stories: Meet Jacqui | CIPD L&D Level 3 Review

Jacqui Day

CIPD L&D Level 3

Our amazing student Jacqui Day reviews her journey to getting CIPD qualified with our online CIPD Level 3 Certificate in Learning and Development.

My career started at 18 years of age with the Marks and Spencer Management training scheme. I worked with them for 12 years, and after having children, my career has been the role of School Business Manager for a further 12 years.

Both roles have involved some aspects of HR. My School Business Manager role has encompassed Finance, Premises and HR for the whole school.

As the school moves to becoming an Academy I decided that I needed to specialise in an area, rather than be a generalist in all three areas.

Initially I had wanted to study at a local college for my CIPD qualification.

Having not studied since A Levels some 30 years ago I felt that it was very important to see a tutor on a weekly basis build up rapport with them and have access to them each week to discuss anything.

The course never materialised and as I firmly believe (although not always possible to see at the time) everything happens for a reason.

And that for me was the best thing.

It made me investigate online providers and after talking to many providers, I found the team at ICS Learn were the most helpful, and less sales orientated than others.

I was equipped with the knowledge I needed to undertake the qualification, and an added bonus was that the cost was less than at the college and could be spread interest free over 12 months.

So here I am 4 modules complete, thanks to the outstanding support of the tutors for each module.

My fears that I wouldn’t be face to face with a tutor have not materialised. In fact, distance learning is better, in my opinion, than the college option.

I have specialist tutors for each module, who you can email and if required phone to discuss any support you may require.

Access to these is essentially 24 hrs. As you study if you have something you wish to talk to them about, you email and within 48 hrs or usually less they have responded.

Each of them have been friendly, helpful and supportive. I feel I know these people, which was something I never expected to gain from an online course.

There are online classrooms to attend on a regular basis for each module and these are recorded, so I have access to them as many times a week as required.

Each module requires something a little different, an assignment, a business report, a case study report, a recording of myself for analysis and these various forms of assessment are proving invaluable in developing me as a person.

I have skills now that I didn’t realise I could achieve.

I can plan studying around my lifestyle too. If I had gone to college I would have been stuck to term times, so juggling the studying and part-time working has been far easier with distance learning.

So if you’re considering starting to study again, I would highly recommend distance learning with ICS Learn as the way to progress.

The flexibility, affordability, access to specialist tutors and personal rapport that you build with them outweighs any of my concerns of not going to a college each week.

I think the cancellation of the college course has brought me into the 21st century way of studying and one which has worked out better than I could have expected for me.


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