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ICS Real Stories: Meet Amy | AAT Foundation & Advanced Review

Amy Jopson

AAT Level 2 & 3 Combined

Name: Amy Jopson

Course: AAT Foundation Certificate and Advanced Diploma in Accounting


Studying accounting kind of fell into my lap. It wasn’t something I initially wanted to do, and being a performing arts student it’s a career path that I never thought I would take.

I took a job at a local accountancy firm when I came back from university thinking I would only stay there for a few months. However, I loved the work, the challenges and deadlines that came with it. I enjoyed how you can really get into a job and take ownership over tasks.

I have been there over 3 years and now see it as the new chapter in my life and a career path I want to continue. I have learnt a lot already from the firm, however there was still a lot of background knowledge that I didn’t have and I found that AAT would be the ideal place for me to start, to get the ball rolling to broaden my knowledge.

I opted to study AAT through distance learning. The main reason for this was because I find it easier doing the work in my own time. I am able to work out my own study plan and schedule this around my working life.

I also found it very convenient that I was able to book and take my exams in my own time over the year, rather than having a set date.  

I found that the books and online content from ICS Learn very helpful with my learning, I didn’t struggle to find the resources I needed to help me get through my exams. Also the support and help from my tutor and the student services really made a difference.

ICS Learn was highly recommended to me by other colleagues and friends and they didn’t let me down.

I did at times find my studying hard to balance with my social and work life, but I had a lot of support from my work, family and friends.

The 1st exam was very difficult to study for. This was the first exam and studying I had done for nearly 4 years so having the motivation to do it was tough. However it is a huge buzz when you do pass your first exam and gives you that push you need to continue.

One thing that did help me was scheduling in times to do my studying. By creating a study timetable I was able to still socialise and not worry about my AAT at work. Once I had this timetable set I set myself realistic goals of when I would then take my exams.

AAT has massively helped with my work life. I am now recognising things in my work that I have studied in AAT without getting prompts from more senior members of staff. Before my AAT there were several jobs that I would do and not fully understand certain parts of the task or would have to pass it over to someone else to complete.

I am now taking on more advanced work and continuing to progress. I hope to continue to transfer my studies into my working life and take on more challenges.


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