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ICS Real Stories: Mariam | Online CIPD Level 7 Review

Studying our online CIPD Level 7 course allowed Mariam Mohammed to gain a globally respected HR qualification without having to give up her job or move away from her home in Nigeria. 


For quite some time, I had been looking for an avenue to learn more about HR without having to take time off work.

This possibility is almost nonexistent in my country. I was very happy when I came across ICS Learn with its various offerings. This chance discovery was when I was close to retirement.

It was with some hesitation before I finally summoned up the courage to register. The dilemma was what I would benefit from this diploma on retirement.

Since I knew I would be doing some HR consulting after retirement, I decided to register in the end.

Immediately after registration, I was surprised to receive my study materials even when payment was not complete. This is quite rare, and this encouraged me further.

The mode of studying is quite flexible and allows me to work at the time and pace that is suitable.

The payment plan can be spread out, which in my case suited me and made it possible to pay on a monthly basis.

The tutor and mentor support team is great as queries are timely answered. They are there to give support to students throughout the learning journey.

Besides the study materials, there are lots of online journals and other materials easily accessible to aid students’ learning and give inspiration.

There are tutorials also and webinars. The student community is great as you get to interact with other students. Those of us in Level 7 had a Facebook page where we interacted.

As a pre-requisite, I had to register with CIPD which to me is an added perk. This gave me the chance not only to join a highly professional body but to be able to access resources for students.

Some of these resources include HR Factsheets, research reports and the HR profession map. CIPD membership guarantees one access to online journals and magazines, library and information services, surveys, reports and research.

The support period offered is really remarkable as the tutors are available for quite a long time. I am happy for this opportunity and will strive to complete the course despite my age (58).

If I knew about ICS Learn before now, I would have registered for many courses, nevertheless, it's still interesting and I would definitely recommend ICS Learn to other people.


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