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ICS Real Stories: Lauren | Online AAT Level 2 Review

Lauren Field

AAT Level 2 Accountancy

Halfway through studying our online AAT Foundation Certificate, Lauren successfully bagged her first finance role as an Accounts Executive!


My student story began when I found myself stuck in a job that although was rewarding financially, I felt little enthusiasm towards and that I’d got all I could out of the role.

I knew that for my next job, I really wanted to kick-start more of a career, so I started looking for at home study options.

I had always had an interest in the accounting area and had heard from a friend of a friend who had got into this, that more and more doors were opening for him, and that he began his journey through ICS Learn.

I looked into what course would be best for me considering the path I wanted to take, and after a friendly and informative chat with one of the representatives, I got enrolled quickly and easily.

 I maintained working full time at my job whilst beginning to study at home.

I found it easy to create a timetable and fit in enough hours spread over 2-3 days a week which meant I could easily move my study time around depending on other out of work plans and commitments.

At times, I did find the work tough, and studying at home means you sometimes have to dig deep to find the motivation to push yourself as you’re not surrounded by other students in the classroom atmosphere.

After getting halfway through my course, I began looking around for jobs within the industry that I could aim for once completing the course.

I was convinced that I would need to finish the course before I’d be considered for any role, however, my husband encouraged me to apply saying that there was no harm, and even attending few unsuccessful interviews will build some experience.

I applied for a handful of jobs, and to my surprise, I got an interview as an Accounts Executive. 

I went along, eager to impress but also prepared to not be successful in my first interview.

To my surprise and delight, I was successful and landed the job! It has really helped me to continue with my studies and am currently waiting to take my final exam ready to complete my Level 2 Foundation AAT.

I shall then be enrolling in the next level with the help from my employer with hopes to progress.

ICS Learn has really helped me find my feet and get into a career path I was so keen for.

I went to University, followed all the normal path but hadn’t found something I really wanted to excel at until I began this.

I am now excited for what future opportunities will be coming my way, and understand now that if I really put in the time and effort, I can get to where I want to be.


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