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ICS Real Stories: Katie | CIPD Level 3 and 5 Review

Katie Frail

CIPD Level 3 and 5

Katie Frail reviews her journey to becoming a People Business Partner within 12 months of starting our CIPD Level 3 course – she’s now moved on to Level 5!


I had been working in business development for two and a half years when I realised that something had to change.

I needed to take a leap of faith in order to get myself into the career that I had always wanted – Human Resources.

I started off by doing some research into HR qualifications. Most of the information on the internet was quite daunting, in the sense that you needed either experience in the sector or a lot of money to enrol on to a CIPD HR course – this was until I stumbled across ICS Learn.

I found ICS Learn to be approachable, non-complicated, and with no hidden extras from the very start.

Plus, their friendly team are always on hand to talk you through any questions you may have in regards to your membership, support period, format of the courses etc.

Their easy to use website also provided me with downloads covering what the courses entailed, enabling me to compare the 2 different options (certificate and diploma).

In addition, ICS Learn gave me the option to spread the cost of my course over a 24-month period, or set up a payment plan for my organisation should they wish to fund it.

Once I took some time to read over the Level 3 Certificate in Human Resource Practice that ICS Learn offer as a 100% online learning course, I knew this was the right one for me.

The personal countdown was on for me to get qualified and get into a career that I actually wanted!

Being able to study from home in my own time was a huge decision maker for me, as I have the flexibility to manage my own workload around business and social requirements.

Enrolling on to the course was quick and easy, I think it was done within 30 minutes! I had instant access to all of the learning material and course information, which allowed me to familiarise myself with the content before getting stuck in.

Once I had enrolled, I informed the company that I work for about my aspirations to move into HR which was received very well.

I started my Level 3 Certificate in September 2016. I found the online classrooms, reading material and student community all very user-friendly.

Upon enrolment, my online tutors emailed me introducing themselves and advised that they are on hand at any time should I need assistance. They also talked me through each of the modules, and advised which ones I should complete first. 

Throughout my Level 3 course, I had a brilliant relationship with all of my tutors via telephone, emails, online classrooms and even feedback on my assignments.

The online classrooms were especially significant in my learning and development as they are an hour of dedicated time with your tutor and other students studying the same module as you – this gives you an opportunity to ask questions and learn from others in a live environment.

I was initially worried about the times/dates the live classrooms were held would clash with my current working hours, but they are scheduled in for a whole range of days and times i.e. weekends and late nights.

If you can’t make the online classroom a recording is provided so you don’t miss out!

Overall, I would 100% recommend ICS Learn to any family, friends or colleagues wishing to develop their skills, knowledge and qualifications.

I didn’t realise distance learning would be so easy, and manageable.

Taking that first step to gain a qualification has worked wonders for me, as within 12 months of enrolling I have secured a position within our HR team.

I am now working as a People Business Partner with first point of contact responsibility for 350 employees across the North West of England.

My current employer has also recognised the skills, knowledge and confidence I have gained since completing my Level 3 ICS Learn course and therefore they have enrolled me onto the Level 5 Certificate – which I am expecting to successfully complete in 2018!

Thank you ICS Learn for all your hard work!


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