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ICS Real Stories: Kathryn | Online IGCSE Biology Review

Kathryn Ceillam

IGCSE Biology course

After studying our online IGCSE Biology course, Kathryn Ceillam now has the grades she needs to get onto a PGCE course in Primary Teaching. 


I took this course because I failed Science at school and I needed a C or above to be able to do a PGCE in Primary teaching.

I chose Biology because I believe it has the most relevance to Early Education. I work in a primary school and we study topics like planting seeds and hatching eggs with the children.

Studying this course alongside the trips to nature parks, growing seeds and hatching eggs was really useful for my growing knowledge of the topic and made me feel more comfortable discussing what was happening with the children.

I chose ICS Learn because I wanted to do the course online in my own time and not have to go to a night school. They had brilliant reviews online, I felt the prices were appropriate and it was the most convenient and flexible. I definitely chose the right course as tutors reply really fast, but also send out emails to let you know if they'll be out of office in advance. 

Before paying for the course itself there was plenty of information to help me decide that this was the right choice. I also emailed universities to ensure that this qualification was enough to give me the grade needed to get onto the teaching course. 

Studying with ICS Learn was brilliant because not only is there specific content set out in certain topics on the Biology subject, there's also questions after different slides to test you and practice papers at the end of each topic to give you a feel of what taking an exam is really like.

The exams were marked quickly which left you with the ability to look at which parts you needed to study more on, and how to answer certain questions. My tutor was able to send me previous exam papers with the marking criteria too. Without these, I honestly don't know if I would've passed the exam! 

Another benefit of ICS Learn is that there are links to books that are relevant to what you are studying. I would definitely recommend buying these as they elaborate on the information given by ICS Learn and highlight keywords which you need to know to use in the exam. 

One thing I would recommend for anyone studying is to set out dates in which you want to finish each topic by. This slightly relieves the pressure of the amount of information you have to take in and ensures you leave yourself enough time to study each bit. 

I have just received an A on my Biology exam! I'm so over the moon. I couldn't be more thankful for the content on the Biology course as well as Jennifer Lasouska who was my personal tutor while I was studying.

She replied to any questions and marked my work so quickly, this enabled me to continue to study and move forward.

Jennifer was also really good at picking up on the parts I was struggling on when marking papers and gave great advice on the marking for studying further into certain topics.

The content was great and pretty much matched up to the Edexcel book that I had. This made studying really easy because the information was coming from two sources.

I couldn't be happier with my result and it wouldn't have been the same without the content on the website and the help I have received. I'd definitely recommend studying with ICS Learn, there's so much information on the course e.g. finding where to take the exam, extra books to help you study, content that includes practice exams and questions throughout the topic. 

Thank you so much, I now have the grades I need to get onto a teaching course to become a Primary School teacher! I’m so happy! 


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